1st Pearl Laser (2nd Day) - Washington DC

I had my first pearl laser yesterday. There was...

I had my first pearl laser yesterday. There was Mild pain and right now my face is full of vaseline and pink.

Sleeping is uncomfortable because of the vaseline. I can't wait to see the result in few days.

Will update in a few days. I hope it is worth it after paying lots of money.

Dr. Battle

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I had the Pearl Fractional laser done yesterday. My doctor was very good at informing me about the after effects of the treatment, and even showed me pictures of what I might look like during the healing process. Despite this, I was taken aback at my appearance when I reached home and took a look in the mirror! There was the expected redness and my face oozed blood in a few areas. Today my face is swollen and along with the redness, it is now a dark brown.
I've been applying the vinegar solution soaks faithfully, as well as the ointment and each time that I do, I look in the mirror with a mixture of hope and horror. I've noticed that the wrinkles under my eyes are gone, and that my enlarged pores have shrunken significantly (almost completely), but I can't help but stare at the little pin-prick-like holes in my face and the color and wonder if it will indeed diminish within a week like my doctor promises. He did say that the redness will most likely fade to pink and disappear entirely within a few weeks--we'll see....and as for my dark spots fading, well, I can't offer an opinion on that point right now, since my whole face is brown.
I'm hoping and praying for great results, and in the meantime, besides the follow-up care, I am drinking LOTS of water. I'm told it helps to speed up the recovery.
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are you using the vinegar soaks? I had the pearl done today and it is very reddened and swollen. What else can I do?
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Yes, Pearl Laser works on my skin. At least 50% of my acne scarring is gone. My skin texture is smoother and pores some area is smaller. I will go back to get my 2nd Pearl Laser .
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Hi i am interested in Pearl laser treatment, I saw a doctor today in DC, for acne scarring. The doctor I saw was from Cultura and he recommended pearl laser treatment. I am seeing mixed opinions on Pearl laser on this site. Which doctor do you recommend for Pearl treatment?
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{edited}. he is great!!

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Do you recommend Dr. B for acne scar skins for asian type skin? Have you had experience with the pearl laser? If so do you recommend it?

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What is the outcome for you?? Im on second day and I have oozing and a walfle like pattern on my face!! Tell me you did too :)
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Hi. I see you are in DC. Would you recommend your doctor? I am looking for one that does resurfacing. Thanks.
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