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Much Better after Braces! - Washington

I got braces last June and got them off this month...

I got braces last June and got them off this month. I only had my top teeth fixed. I was recommended the jaw Surgery but didnt get it and just got the top braces. I had both of my canine teeth were baby teeth until I was 23. They got stuck in front of my adult ones and just never came out. Finally got them out in 2010 but couldnt get braces until I moved in 2011. So I had what appeared to be missing canines.

I have also been advised braces and jaw surgery...Orthodontist also informed that if I just get teeth straightened without jaw surgery, then I will end up looking worse than what I look today...Could you tell me if your overall appearance has improved with just straightening the teeth and avoiding jaw surgery or has it become worse in absence of surgery?

I just got braces I had the same problem ma perminant canine were in back of ma baby canine and one was already token out but ma permant teeth was a lil far back I had it tooken out wen I was 14 so now immune 22 finally deciding to get braces ..I just got slavers n beakers how I have to go bck n get ma other baby canine pulled.wen I get ma wire n braces fully done how long will it take for tout canine to move up

Did your upper canines bite behind your lower canines? Throughout the treatment, did you experience teeth spacing issues?
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