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After I had my baby, I had a loose belly and I...

After I had my baby, I had a loose belly and I tried diet and exercise but nothing worked. I was looking for a treatment but did not want to spend what Coolscuplting cost as that was the only other thing my doctor offers. Then I learnt that my doctor was doing a clinical study for ultrashape and I participated in the study. before i joined the study I checked out realself and saw a lot of negative reviews about Ultrashape and was concerned. but since i have been wanting a fat reduction treatment and this was free, I signed up. Also I trust my doc more than the reviews here and figured that he would not do a clinical study for something that was not great or unsafe. Seriously, not sure why there are such terrible reviews for this great treatment. I LOVED the treatment. After only one treatment, I swear I could see a visible flattening of the fat "pouch" that has always bothered me but I decided not to get too excited:) 2 weeks later, I had my 2nd treatment. My pants started feeling looser. I had my final (third) treatment and at that point my husband said he totally noticed that my stomach looked much more flat. when I was measured, I had reduced my stomach circumferance by 1.6 inches (about 4 cms). YESSSSSSSSSSS! I didnt pay for the treatment but I would pay a lot for it and I highly recommend it. finally, there was no pain at all only a warm sensation. it took about 45 minutes and there was no outward sign that I had had a treatment. HIGHLY, HIGHLY Recommend this.


Where did you go in Washington? I'm in Washington too :)
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Thanks for sharing!  So two treatments resulted in over an inch of fat loss?  Did your weight go down noticeably?  Keep us posted as to whether you lose more or if it comes back.  Happy New Year!
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love my dermatologist. beeing going to the same office for many years. They are

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