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I came here after a friend of mine got 3 liter of...

I came here after a friend of mine got 3 liter of fat transferred for 5 grand . Im 5'5 and 135 pounds , mind you. So im thinking , " i dont have a lot of fat so im going to pay maybe 3000-3500 for the BBL". When i went there he was SO RUSHY! Didnt even ask if i had questions or what i want my butt to look like. He didnt even look at my whole body to find fat , he just looked at my back and love handles. And then he asks me what do i do as a job, which i answered, im a make up artist at sephora. The consultation was maybe 10 minutes. I went to the financing office and my total JUST for love handles ( thats where he said he only wanted to do) , an transfer to butt cost 5 grand !!!!! Meanwhile my friend 5 grand with removal and transfer of 3 liters . Seriously dr. Yager? Why am i paying 5 grand for less work than my friend got done ? Just because i said im a make up artist and you assume they make money so you rise the price? Not cool!!!! I rather pay 5 grand to a better doctor. Dr. Matthew schulman here i come!!
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You should never base your decision to have plastic surgery based on cost! This is your life and you want to go to a doctor that will give you the time to ask questions (and you should ask a lot). Look up the doctors license on your states medical association website, check to see if he is Board Certified. Don't just take their word for it or any one else's word for it. If you read the different reviews here on Brazillian butt lifts you will find a lot of good information. Some doctors say they won't transfer fat if it is 250 cc or below. I had 280 cc to each butt cheek. Keep in mind you will reabsorbtion up to or more than 30% of the fat they put in. It sounds like you may not even have enough fat on you. I was only 144 lbs and 5'5.5" and a total of 560 is all he took. I think he could have taken more from my thighs because I'm not happy with the results so... Go to several more doctors until you find one you feel comfortable with and DO your homework! You may have to put on weight ugh... Good luck.
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