Crooked Eyebrows

Hi. I had my eyebrows done and they are crooked....

Hi. I had my eyebrows done and they are crooked. Like who doesn't see that they come out crookeD? But my bigger concern is when can I wash my face??

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not for permanent makeup!!

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any properly trained permanent makeup technician will provide after care directions for you to take home. you should already have antibiotic on the area, and generally, the answer is do not cleanse your face with soap, cleanser. as your skin has not had time to heal, at least some of the pigment could be washed away. about face by nancyh
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Don't get me wrong, though - I AM sorry that you're unhappy with your results (I didn't mean to sound insensitive - sorry).
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$100??? In San Francisco??? You get what you pay for. The national average is around $550.
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Lilaznsurfer, So sorry to hear you do not like your eyebrows. Can I ask you how you went about choosing the technician you let perminanently tattoo your makeup?
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Yes you can wash your face after cosmetic tattooing. Apply cleanser to damp washcloth and cleanse face avoiding the tattoo. Rinse in same manner; washcloth to avoid splashing tattoo.
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