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I'm scared not sure if I wanted this or a fat...

I'm scared not sure if I wanted this or a fat grafter done but reg. lipo didn't look so good it kind of looked lumpy... I need to know this will look good for sure.... Wish there was a guarantee , i hope vaser will make my stomach smaller I just don't want the extra skin or un even ness I see from some pictures... Then again everyone is different
I hope your surgery goes well I'm scheduled for my smart lipo on feb 27 and super nervous as well but I want the fat gone. So just keep positive and keep pushing. Can't wait to see your after pictures!
hi there, based on your picture you look like your in pretty good shape. Based on my experience of being pretty small as well just be prepared and aware that its a real surgery and there is a real recovery. you will be very uncomfortable and in pain but if your doctor is good the results will be good and you willl be happy but it will be hard. you can see my pics before and after. im 8 weeks post and just getting back to normal. my doctor was very aggressive so it could be if your doc isn't the recovery is easier but results wont be as drastic.Just remember its a surgery and ur body underneath is being damaged so it'll be painful, uncomfortable and you'll have to wear a garment for 2 months which sux too. In the end the results will be nice but will it be worth it thats the question! Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi there, welcome!

Like you say, there are no guarantees with any kind of procedure. All you can do is do as much research as possible, on the procedure, your doctor/provider and other peoples outcomes and then make an informed decision.

Hopefully everything will work out for you! Please do keep us updated with your progress.

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