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So, i'm new in this forum, but checked it out...

So, i'm new in this forum, but checked it out before going for Invisalign. I always wanted to close my gaps. But couldn't afford them when I was young and was advised to wait after my wisdom grew etc. (I had them pulled out anyways) Now I'm 24, saw a LivingSocial ad for Invisalign for $2,700. Couldn't pass up the deal so I bought that coupon. I got my impressions done after last Christmas and was told to wait for 6-8wks before my trays arrived. I'm pretty anxious because even though my teeth were pretty straight, the spacing in between always made me feel self-conscious about my smile. I truly cannot wait until I begin the treatment! Time seems to be going slow!

How are you doing with your Invisalign, Xayrined? I'd love to hear an update from you! :)


I loved the caption on your close-up of your teeth! You seem like you have a very vibrant personality and it comes through even on this review - great energy!! :)

So I'm guessing you are still in waiting mode to get your trays. Isn't it so hard to be patient when you are this close to starting a treatment you really want?!!

I'm excited for you! Looking forward to following your progress!

So I finally got my braces and oh boy! Do they hurt!!! I am on my 4th day on my first tray and wow!! Eating sucks... My teeth feel like they are being pulled out raw. Throbbing pain and I can't truly chew food. The brushing and whatnot I like. Love having a clean mouth. Never dealt with any bad breath so far, not even in the morning! The only thing is that there feeling so sensitive... So I ended up switching my toothpaste for enamel protect/sensitive teeth and got soft bristle tooth brush. But I love that no one notices that I have them on, yay! I already had a lisp before lol but not its heightened haha I sound like I have speech impediment but whatever... Anything for beauty right? I just can't wait till the nine months are done! 18 trays in total! Yay!
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