Sooo Happy with Lifestyle Lift for Jowels After Excessive Weight Loss

Had mine done in Waltham January 8th So far so...

Had mine done in Waltham January 8th So far so good I lost 200lbs and had alot of excess jowels and chins and at 48 I didnt want too look like 60.

I do agree the informercial is very decieving but, my doctor was honest and when I went into surgury I had a real good idea it wasnt a walk in the park.I think what people dont reolize is this is not a full blown facelift. We cant all look as good as Joan Rivers ha ha ha. Everyone has an opinion and I found if you did what they told you to do it helps.

Doctor Alex

He seemed to take pride in his work . and it shows in mine.

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I have not been on this site for a while but I am going back to the Waltham office for a follow up...after a year and a half. I did not go back for the 6 week check up because I was afraid. My procedure was not described to me in detail, and I could actually smell my own flesh burning. It was a good thing that I was "high" because otherwise I would have gone insane. I even asked the doc(who is no longer there) if that was what I was smelling and he said "yes". The person who came with me wanted to take me to the emergency room when he saw me. All of the workers at the office came out to look at me and he said that all of them were horrified. Immediate difference? I would say so. After the swelling went down, I looked the same. I wasted $6000. I had no experience with plastic surgery and saw the news shows, etc. about this procedure and thought that it would alright. Now my ears itch like I have poison ivy behind them, my earlobes look like they came from two different people and I have a weird double flap of skin under my neck that I never had before. The lipo that was performed under my neck left me lop-sided with a large ridge running from ear to ear under my chin. I wonder what will happen when I return. I am glad that some patients are happy, but wait awhile. Any difference I saw after the extensive bruising and hematomas went away,was gone when the swelling went down and my skin returned to normal. I specifically spoke to the doc about what my concerns were before the surgery-puppet mouth, sagging neck and jowls. He said that he could get rid of all of that,no problem. Then why do I still have them?
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I, too, had surgery (which I didn't know I was having...I thought I was going for a revolutionary procedure that involved two small incisions and I'd be done in an hour and well enough to go to lunch...OR SO THE DR TOLD ME!) at the WALTHAM OFFICE WHERE A MOM LOST HER LIFE LAST JULY! My Dr. I. is no longer there....I wonder if you had him as well. I reported him to the state board. It MORTIFIES ME that someone lost their life where I went .....and am thankful that I am alive...although the daily aches and itchiness sometimes makes me want to pull my face off. DON'T HAVE THIS PROCEDURE. SAVE UP AND GO TO A REAL DR. I SO REGRET MINE:(
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I, too, had mine done in Waltham, MA. 2007 was the year of deceit for me. My Dr. who is no longer there, was not honest....neither were the employees. Congrats on your weight loss. I still have aching and numbness where the stitches are behind my ears and in front of my ears. Yesterday on Tyra Banks, there was a woman who talked about getting her eyes and breasts done WITHOUT ANESTHESIA. The audience was horrified and gasping. That was what was done to me and to any LSL client who has this procedure done. I might has well been on an episode of 24. It felt like TORTURE. The ONLY difference with that woman was that the Drs. gave her all of the info in advance. I was told there would be "2 small incisions" and they would pull up and stitch the muscle. It would be easy...I would be a great candidate, etc...blah blah blah. All BS. Two yrs later...I ache, my LSL has fallen (happened within 6 months once the swelling all goes away) and I have a BURN SCAR on my chin from the Lipo. O, the Dr....he said that quarter size mark was from the "bandage." Yeah, ok. And I have a bridge you can buy too. God Bless and Good Luck to you in your healing. To others.....TREAD CAREFULLY....there is no turning back once you are in the chair.
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