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Hi All, I have been thinking of having a tummy...

Hi All,
I have been thinking of having a tummy tuck for years. I figured I should wait until after having kids. Now that I am done having children, it's time to move forward.
After lots of thinking, research and several consultations with plastic surgeons..... I am doing it!
I felt I should share my story since I've been reading many of your stories. I thank all of you for sharing and really helping me make my decision as well as advice, list of supplies, etc.
A bit of history- I have had weight fluctuation over the years and most amount of weight lost was 30 lbs and I have maintained a steady weight for the past ten years. Due to weight fluctuation, the way I am built I have always had a big tummy, it's where all the fat goes. In general I am top heavy with large breast (may get a reduction later on down the road). After having children my tummy is worse and I can see that no matter how much weight I loose or how much I work out my stomach will never be flat.
Within the last few years, I feel very uncomfortable in my own skin. I feel uncomfortable in t-shirts, tight shirts all I see is this huge tire and tummy. Most of my jeans are tight and show major muffin top. I can hide the bottom fat but the tire in the middle is tough to hide. So tired of being asked "when are you due." :( I do take care of myself, exercise and eat well. I am ready to do this and have NO more big tummy.
I will have a tummy tuck and lipo 8/13! Yup, right around the corner. I am so excited but very anxious!
I have two small kids ages 4 and 3. So really praying/ hoping to have a smooth surgery and recovery to get back to being mommy (a happier mama).
I will do my best to post updates on how I am coming along.
My pre-op appt. is tomorrow afternoon.
Again this site has been awesome to read everyone's stories, see the process and the best part great results! Makes me feel good about sharing and having support.


Good luck to you! I will be following your journey and wishing you well the whole way! Can't wait to see your results because you have a tummy like mine.
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Yes, we do look a lot a like. I find a lot of "real" women on this site with "pregnancy" scars.
Thanks for sharing your story, and wishing you wonderful results and good healing. It is time for YOU! one more week! RS is here for any support you need, and with all the experience the ladies have had on here, most all questions can be answered. Best of luck, and hope you continue with posting your journey!
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One week from surgery.
I was excited to log into RS and read comments. :) Nice to have the support! I wasn't sure about sharing my story and something so personal but glad I am.
So, this is the perfect place to get this off my chest whether or not anyone reads this part I am going to type away. I will say, I read many posts and have not come across this situation mentioned.
I was a bit disappointed with the way my pre-op went. :(
I arrived at my appointment 10 minutes early. The waiting area had several people. I was given a clip board full of info. to read and sign. As I reading about all the RISK I got very overwhelmed with the entire process and started doubting my decision. All I saw was that many of the paragraphs for each risk ended with "and even death". I thought what the heck am I about to do??
Side note of something else that added to being overwhelmed. An older gentlemen was waiting, he went up to the reception desk to ask a question and I heard his question. He said, 'I want to be sure we are on the same page, Dr. ??? is going to be removing the cancer and Dr. (my ps) would be fixing the suture.' I thought here is this man having cancer removed and I am here because of this belly that I hate, am I being vein? I should be happy to be alive and healthy. But I tried to relax and think of all the thinking, research, etc. I have done over the past 5 years and be confident in my decision and go forward with a positive attitude.
My husband also went with me to the appt. since he'll be taking care of me. As we waited I told him about feeling scared after reading all of that info. He said- "that's worse case scenario". But he has had several procedures not plastic surgery but sports related. He said you always have to sign that stuff.
So after the paperwork I was called in to the exam room. I was given a packet and reviewed my questions I emailed prior and some of the standard info., what time to arrive, etc. with the office coordinator.
My surgeon comes in. I have been to see him twice (once for tt and other for breast reduction that I am holding off on) prior to deciding to go with him as my surgeon. I choose him based on skills, recommendations, reviews and my experience meeting him. In any case, he comes in says hi.... He ask how I am and if I am ready? I was honest and said I was freaked out after reading all the paperwork about risk. From there my appointment went different than I expected. I felt like the questions I was asking were dumb/blown off. Felt the business side. He even said "you seem hesitant". I said, Yes I am!
I was hoping to get some reassurance that things will be fine, a reminder about how often he performs this surgery, etc. Something from him. Yes, I understand that I need to be notified and aware of risk. But I felt weird like I was the crazy one that was overly anxious. As if everyone comes in ready to go. It was all very strange. It has taken me a few days to get over the my pre-op rookie appointment, weirdness which lead me to many doubts. I just don't know if my surgeon was having a bad day or if I was a total nervous mess acting like I wanted to back out??? Maybe my husband being there with his questions made it weird. Overall it was not what I was expecting I did not feel good or excited leaving there. Wasn't sure what to think or do. After a few days and talking it over with a good friend I know I am in good hands in terms of getting the best results possible.
I came to the conclusion, I'd rather have a serious not super friendly and empathetic ps that is amazing at what he does vs. a ps that's funny but not as great at what he does.
I hope I feel good day of surgery.
So.... I feel better now that I shared that.
Have to think of the results down the tough road and how bad I want to get rid of this belly.

Working on ironing out details while I'm recovering, feeling a bit stressed but I know all will work out. I am sending my kids to my in-laws for a week (in Lake Tahoe not a place to go and play) to be spoiled by grandparents. I will miss them! But will be glad to have that time to rest and do what's necessary to get better. I'll have help the second week from my mom and third week from different people.

I thought after speaking to one of the patient references I was set on renting a hospital bed. But again was told at pre-op that it's rare that patients do that only a handful have over the years. I don't think I am going to now. But would love to hear from those who have.

Good night.


My surgery is on the same day as yours. Sooo nervous! My pre-op isn't until 2 days before, and I've only me the Dr. over the phone, so I'm just praying that he makes me feel at ease. I agree with everyone though, much better to have a skilled surgeon than a great bedside manner. So far, his staff is incredible so I know I'll be in great hands there. I was thinking about getting a lift chair instead of a hospital bed. My Mom went to check out both yesterday and said the bed had a really uncomfortable mattress and the lift chair can go from almost laying flat to practically standing you up. Its cheaper and sounds more useful. I'm going to test for myself on Mon morning and will update. Thinking good thoughts for you!
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The nerves and fear are all normal. Keep in mind, the percentage of time that complications occur are pretty low...they HAVE to provide this info so you can make an "informed decision". My doc, though VERY skilled, is not "chatty" or very reassuring either. Sounds like yours is the same. That didn't put me off, I was determined...just like you! I agree, I'd rather have a serious and skilled doc than a "hand holder" that isn't as good. It ALL went SUPER for me. So stay focused on the end game... I have a sleep number bed that has a adjustable head/foot-board and it was great. I have seen that as long as you prop head and under the knees with pillows, you'll none fine on a bed or sofa. Several gals slept in comfy recliners as well. Just make sure you rent/buy a walker! You usually inky need it for the first 7-10 days, but it is a LIFESAVER! Best wishes for a safe surgery. Keep us posted :-DSuzy
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Today is the day!

Alrighty... here I go! Checked in and waiting for surgeon. Feeling pretty good. Will do my best with posting updates.
Good thoughts please!!


Yeah, cant wait to hear how it went.
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I feel the same way as you:( my TT is the 19 and I am so nervous, I feel like backing out too, good luck, I will be thinking about you and sending prayers
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Thinking about you. Safe surgery wishes and speedy recovery. :-DSuzy
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Did it!

Made it to flat side!!!!
Good experience at surgery center. My surgeon was awesome!!
Got home around 4 pm.
Went well. I am numbed up and really out of it from meds. Can only keep eyes open for a tiny bit.
Take one day at a time.
I have NOT peeked yet!!


may I ask who your dr. was? I'm in san rafael and looking for a good ps. Thanks so much!
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Yeah! It is done,and now time for healing...which means taking good care of yourself, not overdoing things, resting and getting plenty of proteins. Thanks for posting, and can't wait for pics!
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Hi, You said you had same surgery date. How are things going?

Day 3 po.

Well I am sore all over. I have been taking pain meds regularly and plan to the next few days.
Hardest part is getting out and in bed. I am walking to bathroom with a walker. Rented a recliner, that's my daytime spot.
Going to bathroom both 1 and 2!
Have not really looked yet. Going to open binder in a bit for air.


Doing awesome, thanks for sharing.
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Cant wait to see. 3 full days until I go in. Really excited my day is almost here. Sending you healing prayers.
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Dr. Ramin Behmand.

Day 4 post op

Day 4 was better than day 3.
Pain meds helping,I rested lots today. Now having some constipation. :(
Have a low fever. Loosening up garment for air and better circulation.
Going to clonk out soon.
Plan on taking a shower Tom.!!


Looking good! Enjoy your shower! And thanks for posting.
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Day 5/6 post-op

Feeling sore.
Took a shower yesterday. Exhausteing but I felt sooo good after.
Swell hell!!
Having a love hate relationship with my garment/binder!
Able to go to and from bathroom on my own!! Huge accomplishment.
Resting next few days before my kids come home. Don't want to scare them. I'll have help with them but their energy level is going to high! Excited to see them!!


Thanks for sharing, you look great! What kind of binder do you have. hugs! and good healing vibes to you!
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You're doing GREAT! Ya, the binder is a pain, but necessary. It really does help control swelling and provide support as the tissues heal, especially the first 8 weeks PO. Hang in there, and take it slow. HUGS :-DSuzy
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Glad to hear everything is going well! Keep us posted!!
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