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Tummy Tuck Without Drains - Walnut Creek, CA

Does Not Use DRAINS Which is a HUGE Deal..less...

Does Not Use DRAINS Which is a HUGE Deal..less Chance of Infection and Bad Scars That Drains Can Cause.

Advice I give anyone a lot of PS are Major surgeries and not a day at the spa. Do not base your choice on pricing or doctors that are polished sales men. Do your reseach and do not chose your doctor lighty!


how much did the tummy tuk cost you? (or about b/c i'm sure you got a discount with the amount you had done) i'm looking to get one soon (a full tummy tuck from sagging skin from my pregancy). i'm trying to find something affordable b/c i'm a single mom & student! but i really want to be able to feel comfotable in my own skin. i found a place that charges $5,000 for the tummy tuck but i'd rather pay a little extra for great service.
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Make sure to have at least three consults with Board Certified Surgeons.   You want to make sure that you are getting the best possible surgeon for you.  While cost is a big factor in this decision try not to focus only on that part of the process.  With a procedure such as a tummy tuck you do not want to go "Cheap".  

If you find the surgeon that you bond with and love go with it.  And if you need to wait a while in order to save a little more money then do so.  Be safe and take your time doing the research.

Wow you had a wonderful experience!  That is awesome.  And good advice on the doctor search...never take it lightly.  Finding the proper doctor is the most important decision in this process.

Sounds like you have an entirely new body and are very happy with everything.  Love hearing stories such as yours. 

Thank you for sharing your story here on RealSelf.  It is helpful for others when making their surgical plans. 
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San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Only doctor in the area that I know of that takes the extra time and care to preform his surgeries without drains. This is HUGE since drains can get infected and caused bad scars. I had tummy tuck, liposuction, breast reduction, lift and imolants and a nose job. No major issues at all and at 6 months out my scars look amazing. My breast are soft and full just right size for my body type. Tummy tuck and liposuction reduced my jean sizes by 4 sizes and that was within 3 months. My nose is natural and looks like it was formed in the womb. It does not look like a nose job at all. I am 100% happy with everything! Dr. B is top in his field and just a good guy as well. That something that you can not always find. He answered my call at 5am on Thanksgiving morning and all my calls after that. He never started a sentence with, I you ever thought about...". In short he does not try and upsell his clients ever. I simply can not say enough nice things about him and his work on me. I wish I could give him 10 stars!

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