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So just like everyone else, I was never much of a...

So just like everyone else, I was never much of a fan of my nose. I never noticed it much until I got into jr. high and always thought I was pretty, but that my nose kinda killed it for the rest of my face (lol). Thankfully, I didn't go through much teasing but I have always been very self-aware and conscious of it. Getting a rhinoplasty was always in the back of my mind but it wasn't until this summer I decided I'd finally do one. After consulting with some doctors I decided to go ahead and book with a surgeon in walnut creek that I was referred to and read excellent reviews on. We discussed what I wanted during the consult and he seemed to have the same vision for my nose that I did, so I was confident and excited for my new nose. So fast forward...

I had my surgery on Friday so it's currently day 4. Thankfully haven't had much swelling or bruising, even though I was told yesterday and today would be the worst days. What I am concerned about, however is that my tip looks a little pointy and definitely upturned :( I know thats from swelling but it's really scaring me. I also have a wedding to go to on the 30th so I'm worried if I will be able to make it without people noticing a huge difference in my face. Also, the procedure was an open procedure and I knew that I would have a scar on my columella, however I also have stitches on my nostrils and I haven't seen anyone post that before so I'm wondering what happened there. My surgeon is out of town for 3 months so I can't ask him anything either -_-. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :). I have been debating on whether or not to make an account but since I've been on this website all day everyday for the past 2 weeks I thought why not...


I added some before and afters

More pics & also...

So next Tuesday (day 11) is when I get my cast off & I have to go to school right after. I will be wearing a hat but I was wondering if I could put sunscreen &/or make on my nose?
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Stitches inside the nose are dissolvable and they should fall out on their own after some time. I'm 15 days post-op and I still have a lot of stitches inside my nose. My nose also feels pointy and it's rock hard as well. I'm guessing that's just the swelling and eventually it will go down.
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The tip should drop some over time. Wishing you good results. I am so glad that I scheduled my rhinoplasty AFTER my son's wedding. I hate my results so at least all the wedding pictures are of the old me. Did they tell you that your surgeon was going to be out of town for 3 months before you had the surgery? Good luck!
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Thank you! Yeah that's a good idea, however I don't have school right now so I thought this would be the perfect timing but now I feel I rushed it since they said he was going to be leaving :(.
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We're so glad you joined us here! I'm sorry you're doctor is out of town for several months. Does he have someone covering for him you could ask questions of? You may also want to post a question in our Q&A community (with a photo, please).

Here's what some doctors say about the tip dropping as time goes on.

I hope you can go to the wedding with no problems. Please let us know how it's all going!
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Thank you! I'll check that out & I definitely will.
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