Implant Removal After 6 Months of Implants (Too big for petite woman)- Walnut Creek, CA

Yes, I made a big mistake. I had 330 cc saline...

Yes, I made a big mistake. I had 330 cc saline breast implants put in. It was a rushed decision, I was feeling insecure and I decided to do it. I thought it would be life changing, I thought I would be happy. However, I have never been more depressed or angry with myself. First, I'm 5'2 and 105 lbs. 330 cc's gave me a 32DD that I was busting out of. Don't let any doctor tell you you'll be "a small c" while he pumps you up to a way higher number. Since i hurried this decision, my doctor choice was not the best. He was very expensive and said to be a great doctor of the area, YET, he would always hurry my appointments, made choosing a size seem unclear and ambiguous, and pressured me into a size that I never wanted. I was going to a small c..ended up with 32DD. Not my cup of tea. Long story short, here I lay, in my bed with my breast implants removed 6 months later. For me the decision wasn't hard when getting them out.. I was 100% sure about this one and have never been happier. I woke up from anesthesia with a smile on my face. I feel liberated, free, and back to my old self. The best part is that after only having them in for 6 months, now they look very very close to what they were before. In summary, to those who are like me and found out the hard way that breast implants aren't for them: please don't hate yourself over it. People learn, mistakes happen, and there is a way to revert back to your natural body once again. I don't think implants are always a bad idea, I think it simply takes knowing exactly what size you want and not budging!! Trust your instincts. And for some, like myself, this means going back to implant free living! Something I found very helpful in this long journey is looking at small breasted celebs, who are beautiful, talented, and don't always have big breasts to be feminine. For example: Natalie Portman, Kristen Kreuk, Olivia Wilde. The biggest blessing that I received from this crazy adventure is accepting yourself, knowing what YOU want, and not being afraid to undo something that is very possible! I wish the best for all the other women who received implant removals, it's not as bad as it seems.

Another pic..

Another pic..

5 days after surgery..couldn't be happier

Reflecting about this experience…it's a roller coaster

Just had my drains yanked out (probably the most painful thing about this whole ordeal!). Feeling extremely grateful I can begin to put this entire experience behind me. However, it is easy to get somewhat depressed about my situation at times. With two sets of scars on my breasts and thousands of dollars down the drain, it wouldn't be hard to say this has been the biggest mistake of my life. But, life goes on right? While I'm taking a moment to throw myself a pity party (woo-hoo) I'm also forcing myself to look on the bright side. Not only did I have the resources and amazing doctor to have this mistake reversed, I had strong support through all of this. Most of all, I have learned a valuable life lesson. While these life lessons can be expensive in more ways than one, at the end of the day they are priceless. I've found a new love and appreciation for my body. I've never felt more "womanly" than with the implants out! I think it's all about making yourself happy, and if that means having implants that is great too. However, for me happiness lays in taking the long way. The long way of having natural breasts to having implants, to now, where I have appreciation for my natural body. Truly, I feel liberated. No longer weighed down by two big bags on my chest, I finally feel like the old me again. This morning I gave my Dad a hug, it almost made me cry. Instead of the awkward hug he'd give me with the implants in, he gave me a great, big bear hug. There was nothing to get in the way this time. I think the best part of this decision to have my implants removed was the fact that I knew I was solely doing it for myself. There would be scars, they could be a bit deformed. However, I didn't care because my happiness resided on the fact that getting them out (no matter how they looked) would make me feel like myself again. While this adventure (as I like to call it) has no doubt been difficult and sad, it has truly come full circle. If this is what I had to do to appreciate the body god gave me, then so be it. On the journey I picked up lessons that will stay with me till the end. And while I can't promise myself I won't have any more pity parties, I'll always know that removing my implants was not a mistake, rather a huge step in the direction of who I want to be :)

More photos!

Photos-6 days after surgery

Photos with implants

To show how big I was before, and how well my skin went back!

Pictures that inspired me...

These photos of small breasted celebs really helped me realize that small boobies are beautiful too!! I started a secret pinterest board and collected pictures of small boobed celebs that inspired me. It was very helpful through this entire process and I really recommend it if your going through implant removal.

Pictures for those who asked for scar pics..

This first incision was through my areola, the explant was through the bottom. *Hoping they both fade nicely over time*

More inspiring pics to help through the way..

Inspiring, beautiful breasts doesn't always equal big breasts!

Question for you ladies...

So, I am loving my natural boobies post explant! As crazy as it sounds I like them better now than I did pre implants. They look fuller at the bottom to me and i'm just totally in love with the new shape. My question is if they'll perk up at all or change their shape from here on out? Im only one week past my explant surgery. As funny as it sounds I don't want them to change at all and I'm hoping they stay the same. Any thoughts?


Being asymmetrical has always bothered me..but it's just something I have to get used to! Still healing and loving my natural boobs


Boobs under clothes

Here's some pics for you ladies to show what the tatas look with clothes on. Feel pretty darn flat but am absolutely loving it! No more hiding under baggy shirts, I can wear a crew neck tee shirt and feel normal again :)

7 months post explant!

10 months post explant!

I wanted to give you all another update on de boobies! So.. I'm 10 months post explant and still loving being natural. I feel my boobs have perked up a bit and really gotten a nice small shape going on. took some more photos to show what 10 months post explant look like! hope it's helpful to all of you considering or going through an explant.

11 Months Post Explant

I wanted to give out another update, breasts at 11 months! Can't believe it's been this long. So, I am happy with my boobs...except! It really does bother me how they are two different sizes. I'm going to try some creams on the smaller one, or possibly see how I can fix this asymmetry! It's the ONLY thing I dislike about my boobs. I was looking through other women's explants tonight, just for fun, and it made me that much happier that I have mine out. While it put me in a ton of debt, when I look back at this boobie experience, I realize how much it's taught me, and how at the end of the day, it's all about what makes YOU happy. This means with or without implants.
p.s. If anyone knows any fixes to help breast asymmetry (without implants of course) please let me know! :) xx


Any Game of Thrones fans out there? This is Emilia Clarke, whose naturally small breasted and gorgeous! Very inspiring for me!



These are my scars, sorry if they are hard to see. The only ones that bother me are the areola ones..hopefully they will fade someday..
Walnut Creek Dermatologist

Dr. Ting did my implant removal. She is amazing!!! Please consider her if your in the walnut creek or east bay area..the best.

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