Waiting for Lipo Dissolve Results

I have had 3 treatments on my lower abs, and two...

I have had 3 treatments on my lower abs, and two treatments on my upper abs and love handles. No results yet. I've answered the questions below, but it is probably too soon to give a fair response. I'd like to know about others who have undergone Lipo Dissolve. I'm anxious to here others experiences so I know what to expect.

have your results gotten any better. Ive heard it can take some time.
I have had 5 out of 6 treatments on my upper arms. So far I have already lost 1 inch and I am very pleased. As I understand it, you do not always see results right away. You need at least 6 treatments min. Of course you will have better results if you are not over weight. Good luck and hang in there.

My wife suffered massive side effects.  We would love to have you help us get the word out. 

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