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Waiting for the Wow!!!!!!! Results

HI! Well I had the procedure done on 10/01/08...

HI! Well I had the procedure done on 10/01/08 treatment area was both arms, flanks, abdomen.

I am 3 weeks post-op now and I am starting to see a difference in my abdomen and flank area. My arms look exactly the same which is a little dissapointing. For anyone doing arms, this is the thing. I, for example have fat accumulated directly under the top of the arm this procedure involves removing more from the back side of the arm and lower arm not the top part. I guess it probably has something to do with the lymphatic tissue that is very delicate and located at the top near the breast, that's why I think that area is not touched.

Guys, don't be fooled they advertise it as little down time but be ready to at least take a week off work. The pain, especially in the abdominal area is pretty substancial. I BRUISE EASILY AND LOOKED LIKE A TRAIN RAN OVER ME.

If your circulation is not good, do start taking Arnica tabs at least 2 weeks before procedure. I will start lymphatic massage next week.

Do wear your compression garment, one that is really good, I purchased one made in Colombia (remember colombian women are really into surgery , they know their stuff.)

MY procedure was done in FT. Lauderdale,FL. it was a good experience, local anesthesia not bad.

Hi do you have photos to share? =)
Remember that Plastic Surgery of any kind is only as good as what the Surgeon has to work with! Do not wait for the "wow" from plastic surgery, and then blame it on the Doctor or procedure when it didn't happen, the "wow" wasn't there to begin with!
Well, I don't think you can pass these kind of judgements without actually seeing what the doctor had to work with. I am 5'9 145 lbs with some fat concentrated on my upper and lower abdomen area, not that large of an area and for me the wow would have been to notice all of the fat actually removed.I understand that for some who are overweight and have alot of fatty deposits, this is an unrealistic expectation.I on the other hand, am in the nursing field and trust me my expectations are not that high, but you expect results especially after having payed $3500. Maybe you have not had the procedure or have you? I just don't want people to be misled because they play up the procedure and tell you that you will have perfect results just to get you into surgery.I notice from the reviews that's not always the case. People beware and just know what you are getting into.
Dr. Marc Fisher, Strax Rejuvenation

I am 5'7 weighed in at 182 surgery date, I had not exercised in 3 years had alot of fat buildup in abdomen area and thought this would be a great way to motivate myself to start exercising and begin to eat healthier

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