Crooked Implant for the Second Time

The first time i got the implant it was crooked,...

The first time i got the implant it was crooked, he removed it after a few days, after a year i went to get the implant replaced again with the same doctor, and it seems to be crooked again! I told him that i just want him to remove it, but he doesnt want to, he keeps telling me that its not crooked.

My chin implant in crooked for the second time with the same doctor. What should I do?


hello, id like to know what happen with your situation? i too seem to have a crooked implant, not sure. .. but it looks similar to yours, like it leans to one side.. thanks
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I have a friend who had the same unfortunate experience too. what is your current status? She is distraught and doesnt know what to do.
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Your doctor is blind or untruthful. From your photo it definitely looks crooked. What have you decided to do?
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Waco Plastic Surgeon

his hands shake, i dont think he should be doing surgeries anymore

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