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Breast was sagging no firmness Just feel breast...

Breast was sagging no firmness
Just feel breast are not lifted . April 18-14 had breast augmentation & areola lift . 7-3-14 so just 4 days ago went back for vertical lift doctor said he thought wouldn't work bc of weight of implant I thought the reason u have lift is to lift breast even after implants
Eek! Hmm! I see both done at the same time to get the upper fullness that you mentioned. Get a 2nd opinion. Go to Q&A then click on the blue box to get different doctors opinion. Post before and after and procedure/technique. Then decide if you want a revision by your doc or another doc. They look nice but I do know what you mean. I need a lift with augmentation. If my doc tells me otherwise I'm walking out (mines are REALLY BAD :'( ) Good luck with everything.
So nirucker, April, you had implants and an areola lift and last week you had a vertical lift, is that right? I'm having a hard time understanding how the physician could do a vertical lift and not at the same time do another areola lift too..I see what your talking about..your breasts are beautiful..but I understand your dilemma....
Would rather not out dr name at this time would just like input

Just feel like spent a lot of money & still having sagging breast when paid for lift :( First did augmentation with areola lift 2 1/2 month later went back for vertical lift still feel like not lifted

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