Restylane for Under Eye Hollows and Wrinkles

I have big eyes with hollow,darkness,wrinkles...

i have big eyes with hollow,darkness,wrinkles under thm. i tried botox but it was really bad coz i cldnt smile well plus it didn't remove wrinkles at all! so other doctor advised me to inject fat under my eyes to get rid of the hollow but i preferred to try restylane.

before thought it s a safe product so i did it 2 days ago.the result is not bad so far but i think i need another syringe coz he just used eyes seems not to be big "in a ugly way", i hope it will last and the hollows under it is much better.


I've been getting Restylane injections twice a year for 3 years now and I love it. I started with around my mouth and nasal folds, have added a little to my chin and tiny bit in my lips to "fill" in the hollowness that comes with aging. My ps has done a wonderful job each time, and I've been very happy with the results. I've asked her about under my eyes but she doesn't inject under eyes..yet, I'm hoping. I would be more than willing to let her "practice" on me for free Restylane! I would advise anyone who's considering it to get a good ps and go for it! I cannot afford surgery but this is, for me, and I think it lasts a reasonable amount of times, no bumpiness, just me, well rested,a decade ago! The boost in my confidence is well worth the cost.
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