Vitalize Peel Very Gentle with Great Results

My first Vitalize Peel by SkinMedica was great. I...

My first Vitalize Peel by SkinMedica was great. I am scheduled to have four more with a Limelight facial for sundamage between each visit.

There was a little stinging when the series of acids were applied. No bad. Next day my skin was fine - tight but no peeling. Second and third day I peeled but could control with creams. Flaking for about 5 days. Today is day 7 and my skin looks great. Next week I go for the Limelight Facial.

I wanted to start off with mild procedures and not jump into fraxel laser or harsher chemical peels. My biggest concern is the sun damage and redness around my nose. Hopefully the Limelight Facial will help with that.

The Vitalize peel did help the skin's texture and tone. Some softening of fine lines. Hopefully more improvement as I have additional peels.


did you breakout with this peel ?
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this is great i m also treated by glycolic peel. But mine pigmentation is no arms .It is due to sun burn and mainly due to genetics.I m able to see difference as i have taken only 2 sittings till now and doctor had prescribed me to have atleast 9 stittings.It does not have any side effect.But it a little post care i.e. doctors told me to wer sunscreen of SPF 40 atleast twice a day even if i m indoor n wear fullsleeves when going out for shopping n all.But it is great for me i can see a big difference in complexion on my arms.
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Explained procedures and expectations very clearly.

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