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Can Someone Please Help Me - Virginia, VA

Hi, I am planning on having lipo on my inner/outer...

Hi, I am planning on having lipo on my inner/outer thighs,butt ,lower abdomen and my fflanks I am seriously reconsidering I have my own dog grooming buisness and can only take 7days off and I'm affraid that I will be way to sore and swollen to work I am the only groomer. Also my family is totally against it saying I will suffer for a long time during recovery and it won't be wort it .I am 5 3 & 138 lbs and I want this done to make my body in more proportion I am bottom heavy as my ps said he said he would be aggressive with the lipo to make me more proportion but will only take as much is safe.realistly speaking is the recovery that bad ? Can you fit into your clothes after this or do you need to get bigger ones after while recovering? I am 41 and have always been unhappy with my hips and butt. I'm really scared to do this and not be able to work my job I can't take the chance. Can anyone please help me realistically understand about the recovery and is it worth it, oh also my. Ps said I have this done on a Monday. I will be able to work the falling Monday. That's 7days. Thank you

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Hey Bahama...Its honestly hard to say with ur line of work with dogs jumping and banging against u. I Had my upper/lower abs done and my flanks...had it done on a Monday and was back to work on Friday but I have a desk job. I honestly felt the procedure was more painful than the recovery..first 4 days were tough on me..sore, swollen, etc. All in all I didnt think the recovery was as painful as I thought it would be..DEF stay on top of ur pain meds while ur home. I could fit right back into my clothes...but I choose to wear black Yoga pants for the first 2 months after as to not leave any marking from jeans...skin is just so moldable after procedure..but with a good compression garment I think u would be fine. I am 46 and made it thru it...I am 2 months and 1wk post Vaser Lipo. As for worth it....ABSOLUTELY....wish I did it years ago. For at least the first MONTH u will fill tired and fatigued...it is quite a trauma ur body goes thru and a healing process....at my stage I still have some swelling going on. As long as u get plenty of rest, lots of fluids, Arnica tablets for swelling I think u can do it...u will just have to be careful. If you really want this...GO FOR IT..my self esteem has went up alot...if u look at my pics from where I started and where I am now I am thrilled...I am still hoping my tummy goes down on profile views and if it dont doc said he will do touch up if im not happy...Make sure ur surgeon offers that. Make sure hes a plastic surgeon also...If u feel its to much at one...space ur procedures into two phases like weeks apart. Good luck and if u have any questions feel free to ask...this sight has been a god send to me....Sharon :)
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