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Cellulaze Works - Virginia, VA

Had my cellulaze treatment on my outter tigh area...

Had my cellulaze treatment on my outter tigh area and just above my knees by Dr. David Berman last spring in Sterling Va. He did an awesome job! The process takes a while and is time consuming due to the square by square type grid need to really get at the connective tissue the lazer has to release.

I'm a thin women but still had cellulite and had to have a correction for a lipodissolve area where to much fat was taken. This left a dent like look in that area and it looked terrible (to me). Dr. Berman fixed that area and I have to say, this really did work. It's not cheap and I need more areas done but would have to really save in order to afford it. It cost almost $ 5,000. A bit less but it really does work! If you can afford it, do it if other proceedures can wait. I have no idea how long this will last but wow, definate difference.

Dr. Berman is very good at what he does and it was painless. You do have a lot of liquid release post surgery. It's mostly saline but it's a mess. Bring your compession garment and something to sit on for your drive home so you don't mess up your car seats with post op drainage. I wish my knee area would look more smooth but part of this is the aging process too unfortunately. Overall, good experience. I hope the price will come down so I can do more work.

Palo Alto Dermatologist

I did some research on who in the area had this training and was skilled in the proceedure.

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I want to do this!!! You really had good results??
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How long was it until you saw a big improvement. It's been 7 weeks and mines still not great.
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Hey Sparky, A few weeks due to swelling and bruising. But I could definately see a difference. For me, it worked but I need more work done. It was not as effective just above the knee area, which really was a drag that area really upset me. I still need more work done there but I got a good result
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I'm 6 weeks out. Seeing a little difference but not a huge difference. I had severe cellulite. Aboutbwhatvtime period I'd you really know that this was successful? AND how long did you wear the compression garment? So glad that you got great results!!! Hoping for the same!!!!
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So glad to hear you had good results! How much of an improvement would you say there was?

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Well if I had to put a percentage on the difference, I'd say a good 65-75% improvement. It's not 100% but a definately improvement. I need more done but it's so expensive and I have other work I want to do too.
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