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I had my TT on 10/18/12. I am just easing back...

I had my TT on 10/18/12. I am just easing back into my exercise routines and wanted to pass along a tip! I lift weights 3 x a week, 45-60 minutes each session, and I do cardio 2-3 x a week. I am still wearing my binder almost 24/7, mainly because of the sense of security it gives me. However, when exercising, whether weight training or cardio, I wear two binders! One underneath my clothing and one over my clothing! This works FABULOUSLY. My abs are held in tightly and effortlessly, and I don't even get a twinge of pain or discomfort during any of my routines! Had I thought of this two weeks ago, I would have started back then! Have lifted weights twice and cardio once using the two binders. Best idea I ever had so I am passing it along to all of you!!!

Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing all of your recovery and exercise tips!  The ladies will love it.

Ooo...great tip. Not being able to excercise is kinda freaking me out a little.
Great idea thanks for passing it along!
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