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I had smartlipo done on my lower/ upper abdomen...

I had smartlipo done on my lower/ upper abdomen and flanks on december 14. The procedure went well and I tolerated the pain most of the time except towards the end where the numbing solution started to wear off. It was a painful. I went home that night and I had a lot of drainage and very swollen the following day. My abdomen swell up like a balloon.

I am on my second day pre-op and the swelling have gone done considerably. I can see a little improvement but it's still pretty the same pre-op. I have a lot of lumps and hard bumps on my stomach. I did not take any pain meds. I found that tylenol works for the pain for me. Overall, I feel confident that I will look better each passing day. I just have to be patient.


Hi Chantilly -- Welcome to RealSelf! Thanks for posting your progress so far. Lumps, bumps and swelling can last a while, but it sounds like you're off to a good start. Please keep us updated. :) We'd love to see pics too if you're comfortable sharing them.

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I recommend smart lipo for people who wants to go back to normal activity asap.

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