Nose Looks the Same, if Not Worse!

I requested the hump be removed from my bridge,...

I requested the hump be removed from my bridge, and that my profile have a feminine curve to it. Well my surgeon ignored me, and instead overly narrowed my bridge, while still leaving the hump (the only thing i wanted removed!!!!) it looks so severe and awful, at least my original crooked nose was kinda cute!! Also my rhinoplasty has cause my always perfect skin to break out severely and it wont go away.

Thx for sharing. when you went back to the surgeon, what was their response to your unhappy outcome?


I think i am just being impatient, but i will keep...

i think i am just being impatient, but i will keep you informed of the outcome

upon reviewing old photos, i know i'm not being impatient. the more the swelling goes down, the worse my nose is looking!

im doing more comparisons and now i'm not really sure what to think. i will update on the final look, when all the swelling is gone so i can be certain! sorry for all the confusion.

There is a dent dent forming on the right side of...

There is a dent dent forming on the right side of my bridge and its worsening by a lot! i miss my old nose and would take back my decision to get this surgery in a heartbeat!

How about getting a second opinion? Do you have before and after photos you could post?

as my nose heals i see that it looks more and more asymmetrical, and the hump was never removed. i truly regret this decision every day of my life
he said he thought he did what i wanted, but he did not at all. in fact he did the opposite! he also said he would check on it around thanksgiving or christmas time, and operate if he needed to. i think that three months from now is too soon to operate again, and i'm afraid he will mess my nose up even worse. i'm so scared and unhappy, i don't know what to do, i just wanted a simple hump removed.

My nose appearance has begun to improve as...

my nose appearance has begun to improve as swelling goes down. though the changes i wanted were not made, my new nose looks fine so far. I am content with the results.

yes me too live in virginia could you tell us the name of the surgeon ? thanx
Who was the doctor that did the surgery? I also live in VA and want to get rhinoplasty done!
Name not provided

he did not go overboard

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