Restylane Caused a Line Down my Cheek

I had restylane injections under eyes about 3...

I had restylane injections under eyes about 3 weeks ago. If left me with a small dent right below my right eye (inner)and also have a 2 inch line down cheek. My left eye looks a bit puffy and also formed a small line (making me look older) and more tired. Instead of dark circles now i have these lines down my cheeks that makes me look older.

All i want to know is will these lines go away once restylane wears off? I just have a feeling they are permanent. I was thinking about getting it removed but i'm afraid the stuff that dissolves it will destroy my own collagen (well that is what i read).

i'm lost for words here...i'm so depressed about it. I have called 3 other places trying to get them to look at me and no one will. They keep telling me to go back to my injector. But i didn't seem too assured with her answer. UGgg...i'm so frustrated!!! makeup won't cover it up...please someone have any advise?

What do ur lines look like? Can we compare photos? I am concerned may be having the same issues as u!
What I am not understanding is why nobody else will look at you? When I changed providers I told my other doctor what my concerns were with my other doctor and he was more than happy to treat me. Are the lines getting any better yet? It is not a perm. filler but like you I would not use the stuff to get rid of it.
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