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At age 23 I started getting adult acne and lived...

At age 23 I started getting adult acne and lived with scars on my sweet cheeks for 10 years, till I was introduced to Laser Treatment. I got my first treatment and it did hurt a little bit during the procedure(About a 5 in pain for me, but then I am a woose!)

I am so happy that I did the Fractional Laser Treatment, my face feels so beautiful and fresh.I feel 10 years younger and my scars have reduced by 70%. I love it, I would love to do it one more time.If you do your research and find a very good doctor in your area, I say it is totally worth it!!!. ($700.00)

Sorry for the people with the bad experience I wish you the best.

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Hi Britt. Iam still waiting for the appoinment in jult from a dermo IThey are waiting to get my medical records from Life style lift, It is now 16 weeks and still red and blotchy. I cant even call my doctor from lifestyle because he left
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Oh my whoppi that's no fun at all. Please continue to keep us updated as hopefully things progress for you.

Thanks for the update!


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Hi Diane,

Welcome to the Laser Resurfacing community! I'm so glad this worked so well for you. We would love to see pictures if you are comfortable sharing. Is this something you will do again in the future? Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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