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Maybe Worth It, Can't Tell Yet - Virginia

I have had two treatments now and i now have more...

I have had two treatments now and i now have more painful cysts. It is 2 days after the procedure. This same thing happened after my first treatment, but not as bad a this time. I am hoping that it is cleaning out my skin and not just making it worse.

Inhale noticed difference in the redness from past cysts. I will go for two more sessions to find out if this procedure is worth it. I struggle with hormonal acne at age 30, which definitely occurred as a result of stopping birth control. I appreciate everyone who has made posts, it has been helpful and glad to see I am not the only one dealing with this stuff. I will report back in a few weeks.


I'm so sorry to hear things are worse right now as far as your skin goes. Those of us who have dealt with acne know just how hard that is to take. I've taken periodic breaks from birth control and its always led to disasters as far as my skin is concerned...ugh.

I'll be looking forward to hearing the changes you see as you continue with your treatments.

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