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I decided to get C.S. 7 months after having my...

I decided to get C.S. 7 months after having my first baby via c-section; I had it done on Monday, March 5th and went into it thinking I had a high tolerence for pain. Well, OMG it was the most painful experience of my life (and I already noted having a c-section)! When the tech put the suction pad on my stomach the pain was so immediate and intense that my reaction was to grab it and try to pull it off. Once I realized it wasnt coming off I had to control the pain by deep breathing b/c I started getting light-headed and neausous. After approx. 10 minutes the pain became much more manageable. However, when it was taken off and then massaged by the tech, the burning sensation was an 11 on a 1-10 scale, the initial pain was a 20+!

It took approx. 15 minutes for the burning to subside before I was able to get up. Now, she did say that my experience was uncommonly painful and was probably because I have really tight skin and a lot of muscle mass (under my layer of fat that is). As a fitness trainer for over 15yrs, I sure do hope I have muscle under there :) Now, 5 days later, I have pretty bad bruising and a burning sensation, as well as consistant stabbing pains that feel like electricity shooting through my abs - and numbness and swelling of course. Keep in mind, that I stay at home w/ my 7 month old son and pick him and and put him down 50+ times per day, not to mention that his feet hit me right on my lower stomach, where the proceedure was done.

Needless to say, it's been challenging, but I dont feel I should complain since it was an elective cosmetic procedure! All I can say now is - I sure do hope the results are worth all this pain!! As of now, I would not have it done again, but if the results are great who knows :) I hope that helps to prep anyone who is thinking about getting it done.


Hi denit, thanks for sharing your experience with us. Hopefully you'll get lots of gain from all the pain! Please keep us updated on your progress.

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The pain was the worst on day's 5-10 and now on...

The pain was the worst on day's 5-10 and now on day 12 it is bearable!! Thank goodness - still a little swollen though.


I whish I would have read this before I got it done. I feel silly to have expected a surgical (more cosmetic than surgical) not to be painful. But this is way more than discomfort.
I can’t believe this company gets away with placing false statements on a public announcement! This procedure is painful, during, and after. No matter what your tolerance for pain is.
I really hope the results are worth the 4000 dollars I spent on this.
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Hi Denit, I'm sorry to hear yuor expereince wasn't good I"m wondering if it had more to do with your post pregnancy body only 7 months after the birth of your child than the actual Cryolipolysis procedure? I've spoken to 100's of people who have expereinced the procedure (not after giving birth) and their experience is one of little discomfort or painful after effects other than redness and slight brusing to no bruising, including when I had it done. I hope you still obtain the body contouring effects of Cryolipolysis. Kind regards Mark
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