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I had the cool coolsculpt procedure done on my...

I had the cool coolsculpt procedure done on my stomach 9 days ago. The day of procedure no problem til day three...the pins and needles and bee stings were VERY uncomfortable! I had the handle bars done as well and no pain but tenderness and soreness like I worked out to much.

A little numbness on one side still....but the stomach I was very concerned about as well. Day 5 the bee stings went away then the numbness and tender to touch and Internal Burning continues to this day. I find it worse when I sit for long times and by the end of the day have to stretch out.... I am looking forward to sat which will be 2 weeks.

I haven't been able to do any abdominal work...just card and upper body. I have seen a loss of an inch off waist and 2 inches off hips. I have hope this very uncomfortable burning will stop, it would have been most helpful to know so I could have scheduled time off work days 2-7 off to relax and heal.

Day 10 The stomach area was $1000 The handles...

Day 10

The stomach area was $1000
The handles were $500 each side the office was running a special.

The burning is almost all gone, soreness and still numb on right side and stomach..the support been my RN has been terrific. We discussed a new report/post marketing trail who included patentslike myself who had pain after...she saidit is good to share all outcomes with patients so they know what to expect and what maybe normal post treatment pain.

Ill post the before and after pic's.
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Just so deeded if the love ga does are gone now?
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Nooo. Pain scale was 9 out of 10 and after lidoderm (lidocaine) patches decreased to a 2 or 3 out of 10. 10 being pain so bad you cant function. My pain has lasted over a week so far. The lidocaine makes the pain go away. Dr are unsure when I will be pain free without the patches. I hope its NOT six months.
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Rileydog, it was 6 months of pain straight?  How do you look now?

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Same experience here. Day 10 and excruciating pain in abs. Flanks are fine. Neurontin, toradal, steroid shot and finally LidoDerm patches. The patches make life bearable again. Pain went from 9/10 to 2-3/10.
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I can't believe that side tummy shot is just one week after you had the treatment. You look awesome!

I'm planning on getting this done soon. Any advice? Should I avoid eating anything beforehand? I have a major fear I'll need to pee midway through and won't be able to because ill be stuck in the machine!
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Thanks so much for posting pics, Aohaze. Glad to hear your recovery is going well. Please keep us posted!

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I just had the procedure yesterday and I had read your post the day before.
I feel great, had the love handles done. The nurse prepared me for the worse and I actually felt comfortable and today I feel great.
I have a belly band and I wrapped that around the area, not sure if that helps but it does feel good. The only uncomfort I have is that it does feel like pins and needles, other than that. No pain at all.
Thanks for sharing your experience.
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Wow, that bottom left picture you look amazing!

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