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What do I say at work about surgery? I have a very...

What do I say at work about surgery? I have a very demeaning judgemental female boss and I do not want my personal descision of breast reductbladder water cooler talk. How have others put in for medical leave. I have always had large breasts and a very small frame. I am 5'2 128 lbs and a 32DDD on on side and 32DD on the other. I have all the back pain, shoulder issues and stigma as most overly enowed women. I am waiting the insurance decision and haven't mentioned any thing at work. I would welcome any suggestions on how to approach this without giving to many details. I have contemplated the surgery for 15 years and have finally made the decision to go forward.


I'm not sure how to handle work either. I've told one close friend, and if anything catastrophic happened she'd know the right people to talk to at work, and how to do it professionally. Nice to have a coworker who is trusted, and also a long time family friend. I only took a week off from work, and I'm *hoping* to be able to go back the week after. But if needed, I can work from home. It'll be at that point, I think, when I would tell my actual boss, a male I've worked with for a number of years, but with whom my relationship is pretty much strictly professional. I don't want to create an awkward situation by telling him or anyone else and then inadvertently making them look at my breasts now or afterwards because I pointed it out and they're curious. I'm hoping to go back to work, take it easy and just have people think I lost more weight (I'm down about 15Lbs from a year ago or so. I've always had weight issues, but it went way up AFTER I had my baby. She's 3 years old now.) FWIW, I also contemplated this procedure for more than 15 years, and I can almost not even believe I'm scheduled for a week from Tuesday! I'm smooshed into a 36FF and am 5'2" 185Lbs. I'm so glad to finally be doing it. But, I'd like it over with! The anticipation and anxiety...are not my friends!
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Wishing you all the best, I'm sure you are very anxious right now . From everyone I know who has had this done, you Will be so happy. I hope the week off is enough, take care of yourself and allow time for recovery. I'll be thinking of you. I still haven't heard from my insurance company yet.
Hi Waiting,
Luckily, my boss is very understanding so I was able to tell her about my surgery and why I'd be out for a few weeks. As for the rest of my work mates, I said I was going to be out on medical leave and if they asked me why, I asked them why they want to know. Lol! I also mentioned to some friends that I was having a procedure to help relieve some of my back pain. I hope you can find a way to discuss your leave that you feel comfortable with, and hopefully you'll get some good news from your insurance company soon.
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I had a message from the surgeon, my insurance...

I had a message from the surgeon, my insurance approved the procedure, I have to call tomorrow to schedule


Is tomorrow your day wishing you a speedy recovery
Tomorrow morning 6:30am! *gulp*
I'll be thinking of you, relax breath deep it will all go well....

Well, 4 days to go, I'm a little nervous. I will...

Well, 4 days to go, I'm a little nervous. I will have the anchor proceedure with no drains. Did anyone else experience much breast pain prior to committing to their surgery? I get a fair amount of pain in Hyde upper - outer portions of my one breast ( the larger one)


I didn't have breast pain before surgery. But I did have the lollipop short vertical scar with small anchor.
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How did your surgery and recovery go
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