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Igot implants in 87 because of breast cancer risks...

Igot implants in 87 because of breast cancer risks in my family ... 2 sisters...aunts...i had 95 % of breast tissue removed....with silicone implants ....5 surgeries followed that for rupture and scar tissue i am in severe pain and disability because i had no idea the pulling and pain in my right hip and leg was the result of more serious scarring of the breast....there are no feelings under the breasts after so many surgeries...have not been able to have mammograms for 12 years due to dicomfort and fear of rupture... I was disabled 9 yrs ago from work...but took 6 yrs to get Ss disability....had 2 ankle surgeries as a result of pulling....and now am awaiting the removal of these...4 wks away is the best time frame surgeon has due to schedule....the pulling of the oblique muscle is so bad...i can barely walk... Just a forewarning....before a woman gets implants...the doctor has plenty of calendar space....when problems arise ...suddenly they are booked think you problems are so severe to be unique...but you find they are not... I was told by the surgery scheduler that if I was not in getting a procedure for problems once a year....i was doing well....she had no idea my history and that had i been smart....i would have been the beginning your symptoms can be very vague....almost mysterious....then overnight it can be so bad...that you really have a hard time coping... Had i not been married when i lost my job to vague disabling pain...i would have been homeless.....if you get sure of some have someone to help have at least 35k in reserves for revision work....and you get them removed after the first rupture....or second bout with scar tissue... If you are like me and have to have tissue options will be either have them or have nothing...i would not replace them if i were older....but have decided one more go round is time...they come out and i wear brast forms.... Who said "you couldn't fool mother nature"? They were right...i should have let fate take it's course....and taken my chances with the breast cancer sisters that had breast cancer? They are healthier than i am today...

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In 87... my doctor was not informed neither was i....i believe he had more info with regards to scarring diasters but did not share....he did not believe silicone was bad for his patients....and i believe he was sincere in that...doctors do not give scar tissue the weight it deserves

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Holy Crap! I wish I read your story before I had a mastectomy. Would like to think that medicine would have improved since you had your implants, although cost cutting that has led to those PiP implants being recalled you are never going to know whats really in them and as for scar tissue I never thought to ask about that. Remember though all Medicine is, is just trial and error and in a way you may have helped women today from the mistakes they made back then. I know that's cold consultation but your story might help other women make a decision that's right for them. Keep your chin up! Helen.
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So sorry to hear all you have had to deal with. If I'm understanding correctly you are going in for a revision. When is that scheduled?

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