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Gone in 4 Days - Virginia Beach, VA

Looked good right after it was done, new technique...

Looked good right after it was done, new technique no bruising except for the small needle pricks day 4 it's almost completely dissolved. This was to fix Restalyne that also dissolved too quickly so I wasn't charged for this second round of two syringes.

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I'm having the same problem as jeep. the day after i look great. my mum says you look so young today. usually you droop. well ive had 2 syringes, and doc tell me its because i need more, i think my body is just disolving it. very fustrated. i paid 1000 so far and looked young for a couple of days. so sad.
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Hi jeep, 

Hmm, it sounds like your body just keep any fillers in your system, which is not fun for you due to you actually wanting the fillers to stay in your system. Please keep us updated what you might do next. 



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