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I had a mini lift in 2001, I am 59 years old. I...

I had a mini lift in 2001, I am 59 years old. I went through a hard divorce and lost more then 25lbs. I wanted a mini lift, but when I heard of Ulterapy I felt it was a good solution for me, along with Juvederm injections.

There is no down time, it is not as dramatic as a surgical procedure, but I saw some results immediately. I did it for a boost, I felt the need to turn the clock back somewhat. I just feel when you look your best,maintain a healthy diet and aerobic program, it works within this combination.

I hope to regain my confidence and get back out there and start fresh, looking refreshed! I will post photos in a week when the swelling goes down under the eye and neck area. Thank you.

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Hi anne,

Welcome to the Ulthera community! I'm glad you are noticing results so early and that with a combination of this procedure and Juvederm were able to gain some confidence back. Did you have any pain or downtime from the procedure? Yes please do share pictures with us when you are not longer swollen.  Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much,


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