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Approximately two weeks ago I had 3 viles of...

Approximately two weeks ago I had 3 viles of Juvederm injected around the mouth area, lips, jowls. It was amazing! I looked 10 yrs younger. I love it, I'm buying stock in it... Never, never, do a filler uner the eye is my opinion! I tried that before and it leaves a red line, horrible, uneven swelling, and you can't get rid of it. Do nothing, or get an eye lift, lower and upper, but do not use fillers for the eye area.

However, injected into jowls, lips, around the crease of the nose, great. I had restlyne years ago, hated it. I could feel the line, Juevederm is so smooth, no one can tell, you just look wonderful! You may need 2-3 viles. Get the right amount, don't skimp, don't overdue the lips. You can go back in 2 weeks for more, better to be a little reserved, you can add but not delete!

Hi Ann, I'm so glad to hear you are happy with the juvederm. I'm moving to Virginia Beach and will need a new doctor. Does your doctor use a needle or microcannula when administering Juvederm? My current doctor uses the cannula and I like it so much better than a needle.
ann from VA Beach, I have been looking for a good VA doc to do this and possibly sculptra after. I stupidly did get fillers recently and know I will lose them from the ulthera but.....anyway, I have some questions. How much did the ulthera cost? Was it for your whole face? Can you get it on just the lower face, and most importantly, was it overall worth the high cost? Did he seem to be the perfectionist I would want my doc to be? How was he at doing the fillers? I am thinking of getting sculptra and I know the right filler doc is the most important thing...so many questions, I know! Please try to answer some of them, please!!! Thanks.

Hi ann,

Welcome to the Juvederm community! I am so glad you decided to write a review, The information about not overfilling because you can go back in two weeks is very helpful for the community to know. Do you have pictures to share? We would love to see them. Please keep us updated.

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Dr. C is the only cosmetic surgeon in this area, from here to DC doing Ulthera. I went for a consult on a lower mini lift and a lower and upper eye lift. I smoke, and no surgeon will do surgery for 6 weeks of tabocco free, so I tried the Ulthera. The bad thing was I spent over $1500 on Juevederm injections and $450 on botox, a week before the Ulthera. He didn't go into the areas where he injected the filler, but I don't look the same. I immediately noticed a decrease in the Juevederm. The Ulthera was worth it; do not try it without a local anestheisa. He used something like novicane and injected it all over my face and neck and forhead. I was completely numb and my eyes felt crossed but it only hurt above the brow, like a staple going into the top of your head, because it is close to the bone. It was only a few spots that hurt. You must remain very still or you will have welts and brusing. I have some swelling under my neck and left eye but it has not been a week yet and I can see my brow lifted and notice a tightening in my skin; of course I had 3 viles of Juevederm. Please, get your filler after the Ultera..I did it backwards and now I'm probably going to get more Juevederm, I know I lost some. He didn't go into the areas where he injected it, but I paid for the whole face. All in all, I am happy with the procedure. Dr. C is wonderful, and he will go over all the pros and cons and give you the best understanding possible of expectations. His entire staff is wonderful, and extremely well trained in what they do. In a week, I will post pics!

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