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I was going in for a touch up on my nose...

I was going in for a touch up on my nose (technically considered my third rhinoplasty in 11 years) and my doctor recommended a tiny bit of fat in my nose to make the result more symmetrical. I figured if I was being put under and he was already harvesting fat, I may as well get some to my newly sunken cheeks (turning 35 soon; just went from 145-125 over the summer) and my lips have always been pretty average/somewhat thin.

My doctor and I decided on a very subtle approch. He is conservative by nature, and I have been known to swell up like a balloon.

The surgery was uneventful. The only problem I had night of surgery was a small amount of bleeding at the donor site on my left flank. (He couldnt get any viable fat on my lower abdomen)

So, here I am one day out and I have NO bruising! My lips are swollen but I kind of like them that way! haha. He did start me on vitamins and arnica that he provided days before surgery. I think that helped.

I go for my 1st post op Friday, where I have a sneaking suspicion he will want to do more in my cheeks, as I see that there is still some age realted sagging in the skin.

Day Three post op...addding new pics and another...

Day Three post op...addding new pics and another before that shows the difference in my cheeks. This is the first day I feel pain in my cheeks, but I have had ZERO pain killers. Just valium to keep me placated watching television in bed.
would love to see current photos. I recently had fat by a top doc and I look like a freak. Overfilled-don't want to be seen or go out. You are so lucky. I am telling everyone i know NOT to do this procedure. ITS AWFUL
Funny...I was just thinking how I wished he had filled me more. But I dont think they really know what your body is going to metabolize, so I am sure that a conservative approach is best the first time. I will probably get some juvederm fillers tomorrow...not sure. I will upload a current pic now so you can see. To me it seems as if it is all gone! :-(
how is it looking?

4 weeks....just got back from post op appointment....

4 weeks....just got back from post op appointment. I will go back in 6 weeks to see about getting some juvederm to replump the lips. otherwise I am happy with the results! Will probably go in for another fat transfer in a year or two.
How is your fat transfer holding up? Has most of it gone?
Hi Nicole! I replied with updated info below. Hope that helps! :-)
Emilyanne, you look stunning! A conservative approach definitely seems to be the way to go with fat transfer. @RedRoxie - you said your procedure was done recently, yes? How long has it been? There seems to be a wide variance in how long it takes for the swelling to settle down, and some doctors have said it can take up to 6 months to really see how much of the grafting is permanent. Maybe you're just one of the unlucky ones that is healing slowly? Fingers crossed that you'll end up loving your final results and the wait will have been worth it!

Hi guys...sending an update. It is now 3 months...

Hi guys...sending an update. It is now 3 months post op and I LOVE the results. I updated in the replies below, so make sure to read that! I did go in for a touch up on March 4th and got 1/2 a vial juvederm in my lips and he injected my cheek area with some fat he had frozen from the surgery. I will say...it was PAINFUL! But it was over quickly and I was fine once the buzzing nerve pain went away (lasted only a few seconds)
Hi how are your results now?
I didn't have the procedure done because people talked me out of it. Sorry I wasnt much help
I am planning on getting some fat added to my cheeks saved from my first transfer. Can you tell me how long you were swollen and did you have downtime? I'm very nervous about it. Thanks for the pix, you look fabulous!!

One year later

One year later and still holding up! I did gain about 10 pounds, which helped with the facial fullness.
Also started getting jeverderm to lips. ;-)
Ill probably go back in for a touch up in about a year.
I'm 50 and i just had dermabrasion done 2 weeks ago today but i plan on having my cheeks filled as soon as i heal up and pay for the dermabrasion. So excited. Your bone structure is ALOT like mine. I mention to my doctor today when i seen him for a follow up. He said we would talk about it after i heal from this. Congrats to you it looks great!
Just updated. :-)
Updated! :-)
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