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Hi Ladies! I've been reading all the reviews and...

Hi Ladies! I've been reading all the reviews and love the pictures since it gives me a realistic picture of what I can expect. After having 3 children, breastfeeding one 1+ years and breastfeeding twins for a short period of time, my breasts have definitely went through the ringer! They were nothing but flat sacks after I was done and I really wanted to get implants to balance me out since I was thin at the time but naturally have thick arms and legs. Initially after the procedure (age 32) I loved them, but over the years I gained weight and had another child who I breastfed and that resulted in the right side developing capsular contracture.

My right breast feels like a rock at the top and is very high which makes it look completely unnatural. My breast, from the weight gain, have gotten much much larger and now I even have people who I've barely met comment on their size, assuming I'm just a very large breasted woman. I find myself trying to do anything and everything possible just to make them look smaller so I have to wear "big mama" bras and tops that hide them, completely the opposite of why I got the procedure in the first place...ugh!!! I realize now that having the small breasts actually worked for my body type not against it and I absolutely can't wait to get these huge bags out of me!!! I will post pictures soon....thanks to everyone for sharing their stories and pics, which has helped me tremendously.

By the way, my surgeon who did the procedure never even flinched when I told him I wanted them removed. He is super supportive. I have to say he did a good job but they can only handle so much and me having a baby, becoming very engorged and nursing for so long did them in! More to come...

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ever did, I meant.
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Good luck with your surgery! I had mine out 9 weeks ago and it was the best thing I eer did!
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I'm glad to hear your surgeon was supportive. I'll be following your journey with interest! Thanks for starting your story in this wonderful community. We are here for you.

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Keep us posted. After 27 years, I am getting mine out in October. Are you getting a lift? Where they on top or under the muscle? Good luck!
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