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My Invisalign Experience - Villa Park, CA

So far, so good. I am nearing the last few days...

So far, so good. I am nearing the last few days of my 2nd set of aligners. The whole thing is expected to take about 20 months.
I am 53 years old. I had braces in high school on my top arch only, and was never 100 percent happy with my teeth, so I finally decided to fo something about it, almost 3 1/3 years after my initial Invisalign consultation.
I selected "not sure" above, because I won't know if it was worth it for 20 months, when I see my final results!

my teeth with my 2nd set

better lighting

in this pic you can see my lower extraction

another pic

bottom arch, showing extraction

3rd set of aligners

I popped in my 3rd set of aligners on Sunday night, May 11th. For the 1st time, I finally felt pressure, so I also took 1 Tylenol. I have had them In for about 27 hours now- they have only been out for 45 minutes so far. I have a feeling that at the end of these 3 weeks with set #3, that I will see some change!

I am in severe pain last 24 hours

I have tmj, for as long as I can remember, over 40 years, I hear a "pop" every time I open my mouth, on my right side, and it has caused me over the years to grind my teeth while I sleep. That wasthe extent of my symptoms, never any pain. I am nearing the end of my 3rd set of aligners. I noticed about 1 week ago that my popping sound every time I open my mouth is not as loud/severe. Last night, the pain started. It appears to be in my upper left jaw area, but it is hard to pinpoint. I have a dentist appt for sn unrelated issue this Friday, and my next ortho appt is Monday, to get my 4th set of aligners. I will ask both what could be causing this pain. I am taking extra strength Tylenol since Thursday morning. I had a very hard time sleeping today, and am working all night tonight. I think the pain must be related to my tmj, and the aligners, and the reshaping of my jaw that invisalign causes. Hopefully this pain is very temporary!

Called my ortho's emergency #

My orthodontist called me back within 10 minutes. I reminded him of my TMJ disorder, and he told me to remove my aligners for as day or 2, to hopefully refuce the swelling. I guess I have swelling.....I removed my aligners at approx. 11:00 p.m. They have been out about 35 minutes now, and my pain is 80 petcent gone! I can live with this level of pain. I wonder if the pain will come back when I put them back in, and if this pain will delay getting set #4 on Monday, or change my treatment plan in any way.

the "relief" only lasted about 30 minutes

Still in agony. I switched from Extra Strength Tylenol to Advil Liqui-Gels, but still in major pain; shooting pains also, every 2 or 3 minutes. I need to remember to breathe!

in case I have to quit Invisalign

This may be as straight as my teeth are ever going to be. I hope it gets better, and I can continue on!

intermittent pain

My aligners are still out. I plan on getting a vicodin prescription filled today, and then go home and put my aligners back in tonight. Today I got a slushie icy drink at Costco. It started a massive pain attack that luckily only lasted about 20 minutes. That sounds kind of like nerve pain to me. I can't wait to hear what my ortho says at my appt on Monday. I am scared to eat or drink anything now!

at dentist

In chair now. Update later. Thx


I made an "emergency visit" to my new dentist who is scheduled to do my root canal on Monday June 9th. He is sending me to yet another dentist tomorrow (Friday) morning, for an I and D (incision and drainage). Yes, I am going to have pus drained !!! I cannot eat soup using a soup spoon. I can't open my mouth that wide, I used a straw. The root canal is still scheduled for Monday, if I can open my mouth by then. I only had 1 pain pill left, and I got a refill.


Root canal performed under general anesthesia on Monday June 9th, after conference call between 3 different dentists. They opened my jaw somehow while I was under to be able to do the root canal. I still cannot open my mouth enough to eat or brush my teeth. On a liquid diet. Still numb bottom front teeth, numb bottom lip and swollen upper neck.

inserted my upper aligner tonight

I decided to put my top aligner (set 3) back in tonight. It has been 2 weeks since I stopped wearing them. I have no idea if this is a good idea or not. If I feel any pain, I will remove them immediately. Leaving bottom aligner out still. Still numb, and unable to open mouth very far. I was able to brush and floss tonight, barely.

another thing

Still numb bottom front teeth, numb bottom lip, and chin area. I think my mouth is opening a tiny bit wider today. As of yesterday, I weighed the same as when I was 25 years old! The only good thing about having an abscess, I have lost 5 or 6 pounds!!! I do not lose (or gain) weight easily. It remains pretty constant. I always weigh myself on my sister's fancy digital scale, so I am comparing apples to apples. 5' 6" tall, 124.6 pounds.


My current weight.

update, June 18-19th

During the night, at work, Wednesday night/Thursday morning, my lower left jaw swelled up again. I called the endodontist who performed my root canal and went to see her at 4:30 p.m. The dentist from next door walked over and they were trying to figure out what is wrong. They do not know. They prescribed another antibiotic and also a steroid to reduce inflammation. I may have to finally get that incision & drainage next Monday ( I need to get some sleep tomorrow/Friday). They told me to wait on getting measured for the crown, so I cancelled that appt.

incision & drainage cancelled/postponed

I went in for my surgery this morning, and my swelling was almost gone. The dentist decided against doing the surgery. He said if he cut me open that he would find no puss. He said to finish my antibiotics, and let's see if my swelling comes back. I am still wearing set #2. As of yesterday, I should have started set #5, changing into a new set every 3 weeks, so this ordeal has put me way behind schedule. I may be wearing set #2 for another month! I have no idea. Not sure what is next, just wait & see, I guess.

Can anyone tell me how many total sets I will have?

I read sll of the Invisalign reviews, and I read on one of them that you can tell how many sets of aligners you will have to wear by reading the numbers that are printed on your aligners. My current aligners read "82810-1A-L and 82810-1AU. Can anyone tell me how many sets this means that I will have to wear. I was told by my orthofontist, 3 weeks per set, for 20 to 24 months, which Is about 35 sets.

appt made for July 2nd

I have an appt for July 2nd with the dentist who will eventually do my crown. Probably not next week though, since I am still swollen, & cannot open my jaw very far. I am curious as to what will happen next, and what the dentist will say. I will be finished with my antibiotics by then.
I am still numb, and it is driving me crazy. It feels like when your foot is asleep, but it is in my jaw, that tingly feeling.
I have been wearing set #2, both uppers and lowers the last several days.

I got a new temp crown today

I was measured for my permanent crown today and will receive it in 2 weeks. I also got a better temporary crown put on today. I am still a little bit swollen, but not really noticeable. I am still numb, and cannot open my jaw very wide, but wide enough to let the dentist do his work today. He asked for my bottom aligner, in order to make the crown. I gave it to him (set #2), and when I got home, I put in set #3, both top & bottom. I had been wearing set #2, this time around, for 4 1/2 weeks, so hopefully it is o.k to install set #3, (again). I had previously worn set #3 for almost 3 weeks when this whole ordeal started.

Big update today

Today I received my permanent crown. I then went to my orthodontist, 1 block away, and got my 4th set, PLUS 9 attachments!!! It is 5:00 p.m, and I have not eaten or drank anything all day yet. I don't know if I will be able to get my aligners off or not, but will try so I can eat something later today.

another thing

I can open my mouth/jaw about 90 percent now. Still numb lower front teeth, numb bottom lip, and numb chin.
Pain is all gone, abscess all healed.


Has anyone noticed that their teeth start moving faster once the attachments are put on? Just curious. It seems logical that they would start to move quicker. If you have attachments applied with set #1, you would not know.

I got my 5th set today !!!

I had my orthodontist appt this afternoon. I had been wearing my 4th set for only 2 weeks, but he had me put in my 5th set, gave me my 6th set, told me to start wearing the 6th set 2 weeks from today, and come back for my next appt in 4 weeks. My ortho had me changing every 3 weeks, and now it is every 2 weeks. They gave me one of the bags that my aligners come in today, and it said "set 5 of 24". 24 sets, changing every 2 weeks does not equal 20 to 24 months. It comes out to next April !!! Maybe 24 sets is just "phase 1", or something like that. I will ask at my next appt on August 28th.

another thing

And, since I lost 2 months of treatment time because of my cracked tooth/ abscess setback, being finished in April 2015 would only be a total of 11 months of treatment time. I am very curious now. I will ask at my next appt.
By the way, I still have numb lower front teeth, numb chin, and numb bottom lip. I can open my jaw about 90 percent now.

I now have a space

In the past 12 hours or so, I have developed a small space in my lower arch, to my right of my most crooked tooth. I know that this has to occur in order to rotate that tooth, but it looks funny. Not noticable with my aligners in,
WhIch is pretty much all the time.

I may be done by April, 2015 !!!

I decided to not wait, and called my ortho's office on Monday, Aug. 4th. I will have only 24 sets, unless refinements are needed. So, when my ortho told me 20 to 24 months, I guess he was quoting me the "worst case scenario". Subtracting the 2 months that I lost due to my abscess, if no refinements are needed, that Is only 11 months !!!

I will be changing to my 6th set tonight

Sometime in the middle of the night tonight, I will be putting in my 6th set of aligners. This 5th set gave me a space on my bottom arch, so that tooth next to
the extraction space can rotate, and in turn, cause my bottom arch front teeth to become more vertical. Still numb in bottom lip, chin, and lower front teeth. I drool when I eat and brush my teeth, since I can't feel anything running down my chin !!!! Getting lots of stains on my shirts !!!

Set #7 went in yesterday

I just took my aligners out for less than 20 minutes, after wearing them for 13 hours straight. It hurt to put them back in, mainly the top arch. I will leave them in for the next 12 hours before I take them out again. I have lots of space in my bottom arch now, to help rotate my tooth to my right of my extraction site.

extraction site

My space is getting smaller.

Halfway thru set #7

Halfway thru set #7. I will be wearing sets 7 and 8 for an extra day or 2 each (15 or 16 days), because we had gotten in this pattern where my ortho was having me come in every 4th Thursday to get my next 2 sets. All I want to do on Thursdays is sleep all day because I work Wed. & Thurs. nights, so we have changed my appts to every 4th Tuesday, late afternoons so I can sleep in the morning.

Set #8 is now in !

I inserted set #8 tonight, after wearing set #7 for 17 days. I plan on wearing set #8 for 16 days, until my next ortho appt.
I forgot to take a pic before I put this set in, and I always leave them in initially for at least 18 hours to avoid major pain.

Space getting wider

Slightly less than 24 hours with this new set, and my lower arch space is really widening up !

Set #9 in on Sept. 30th

More spacing can be seen on bottom arch. I didn't ask why, but I will be wearing this set for 3 weeks instead of 2. My ortho told me to make an appt for 3 weeks into the future, so I did.

New pictures, 10/16/2014

Updated pictures. I have insomnia, so I took some pics a few minutes ago. I get set #10 next Tuesday Oct. 21st.

More pictures of my crossbite

Set #10 is in

I received set #10 on Tuesday 10/21/2014 at 3:00 p.m. My tightest set so far !!! My ortho has me changing every 3 weeks again, so I won't be possibly done by next summer afterall. I am to put in my next set on 11/11/2014, and I go back to my ortho on 12/2/2014.
I have only had my latest set out for a few minutes so far. The bulk of the soreness should be over soon, I hope!!

10/24/2014 pictures

10/24/2014 Pictures

Pictures 10/24/2014

Pictures, 10/27/2014

new pictures 11/7/2014

Just taken 5 minutes ago.

Numbness update, 11/7/2014

I still have a numb bottom lip, and especially a bottom chin. I have my regular every 6 month cleaning coming up on November 25th with my 81 year old dentist, who hit my nerve with one of his numbing shots on June 1st. It wil be interesting to see what he says. My boyfriend and I have a little sign language secret alert code when we go out to dinner (every Saturday) and he sees food dripping down my chin. I guess I have him trained !!! :)

Set #11 in, 5 minutes ago. 11/11/2014

This set is tight !!! I will leave them in for as long as possible to help with pain upon removal. I wore my last set for 3 weeks.

Set #12 in yesterday 12/2/2014

Set 12 is now in. I kept them in for 25 hours straight before removing them for 30 minutes tonight. Nothing new to report. Still numb chin and lower lip.


Updated pictures, taken tonight.

Pictures of extraction site 12/11/2014

New set just put in

Just put in 5 minutes ago. I am about halfway finished with my treatment now.

Update 1/6/2014

I am posting an updated picture. I seem to have a worsening of my crossbite on my left side, but it is probably a "it will get worse before it gets better" sort of thing. I will ask my ortho at my next appt on January 12th.

New alignments went in today 1/12/2015

Here are pics as of today.

Picture update 1/28/2015

I change into set #15 in 5 days.


I don't think my bite was like this before I started this process.

I regularly whiten my teeth

I whiten my teeth about 3 times per year.
I used a new product last night, from midnight to 6:00 a.m. I bought it on Amazon. I will wait 2 or 3 days and do it again. Below is a picture of what I used.

New set installed today 2/23/2015

Nothing stands out to report on. My extraction gap is getting smaller.

Set #16 out of 24 installed today

Installed this afternoon. Nothing new to report. Changing every 3 weeks.

update on my numbness

I am taking Anatomy & Physiology this semester, and this week we are studying the peripheral nervous system, which includes 12 pairs of cranial nerves. I have figured out that the nerve that my dentist hit with 1 of about ten numbing shots on June 1st was my inferior alveolar nerve, the 3rd branch of the mandibular nerve. Tooth roots are close to the nerve canal in the mandible. I am going to post a question for doctors to answer whether or not and when I will or might get my feeling back. I had those shots during my tooth abscess episode which began about 5/30/2014, & delayed my Invisalign treatment for about 8 weeks. I think I had an unknown hairline fracture on one of my lower molars before I began Invisalign. When my teeth started moving, the crack got bigger, got infected, and resulted in my abscess. The worst physical pain of my life. It is all repaired now, except for numb lower lip and chin. I am tired of drooling, unknowingly, when eating in public !!! Hopefully my nerve endings will eventually reconnect.
Dr. Ken Fischer

An "Elite Premier Provider", member of the American Association of Orthodontists. He is my nephew's orthodontist, who had traditional braces several years ago, and still has periodic follow-up appts with him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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