LaserLipo - Not Yet Satisfied with Posterior Flanks

I am a 46 year old male and I had laser lipo on my...

I am a 46 year old male and I had laser lipo on my lower abs and flanks 24 days ago. Overall I notice a huge improvement in my flanks and abs from the front view, but I'm concerned that my physician did not remove enough from the portion of the flanks that extends to my back. I know she was back there because it's still very sore in that area. Massaging that area with any pressure is still very painful. But, I still have the flanks in the back. I'm very disappointed, but the other areas of treatment look fantastic.

I had the procedure done because I've been very self-conscious of my flanks for 10 years. Overall, I have a very good result. But, I feel she left too much behind in my posterior flanks.

Is it possible she did not remove enough fat from the posterior flanks? Do physicians ever agree to redo a specific area if there is still too much fat left behind? I'm hoping it's just swelling, but I don't know how to determine if it's swelling at this point or fat.


At 6 months post laser lipo I felt that my left posterior flank was still larger than the right side and they were still too big. Yes, there was a marked improvement, but I had expressed that I want them to be even because I hated the asymmetry for years. I could not understand why the physician left any fat behind in the flanks. I had my lower abs done at the same time. I had asked whether there will be a noticeable difference between my lower and upper abdomen since I was only getting the lower portion done. I was told that is not a problem. Well, it is. I had a noticeable difference between the much flatter lower abdomen from the upper abs (above the navel). Physicians should not separate the upper and lower abs in terms of them being separate procedures. Both should be done. Anyway, my physician agreed with my concerns and offered to redo the flanks and I would pay for the upper abs. This was done about 1 month ago. She admitted that she got a lot more fat out of the flanks. I don't understand why she left a lot behind during the first procedure. But, my left side is still a bit larger and she told me she is positive that it is not due to fat any longer because she removed everything. She said it is now loose skin which is more prevalent in my case on that side. I was told that my only option now is a tummy tuck. She's not trying to sell that to me because she does not perform that procedure. Is there a way for me to confirm that there really is no fat left behind again. I was under the impression that it was all removed after the first procedure so I'm not sure I believe that there is still no fat in there. Please note, there is a remarkable improvement from my pre-lipo body. I just can't help but feel that it could have been better and I want to know whether there is more fat to remove. Thanks.
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Could I ask where did you get the procedure done?
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i got my procedure done jan 19, and this coming tuesday will be two weeks since i got it done. i got my lower and upper abs and my flanks. i don't know what to say i'm also not happy right now i know i'm swelled up, my stomach is pretty flat i know i still got some fluid under my skin and i'm swollen but my love handles (flanks) still stick out, and they are sore and i know my Dr. touched that spot because i have a hole there and i did go down but i still feel like i have A LOT OF FAT. if i wanted to do a touch up how long do i have to wait to do it. i spoke to one of the assistants there because we always email each other, and i brought up the subject because originally i went in to get my flanks done but then i realized i might as well do my stomach so i have a nice abdomen all around, but my main concern with my love handles, and they knew that and in the email i mentioned it again that that was my original concern, so i figured they would work mostly on that area since thats what i originally came in for. she responded back to "don't think about touch ups your not even 2 weeks your still swollen you're results will get better and better with every passing week" the place i went to got really amazing and great reviews, but i still feel like more fat could of been taking out and i think i really want to do a touch up.
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