Under Eye Circles Removed, Look Like I Did when I Was in my Early Twenties.

At first I freaked out because of all the swelling...

At first I freaked out because of all the swelling. Additionally, my left eye healed rapidly fast with virtually no scarring. The right eye, however, got infected and needed antibiotic treatment. I truly believed I was going to be disfigured for life. But the right eye eventually caught up and now my eyes look absolutely beautiful and natural. Seriously, he removed the perfect amount of fat. Not too little, not too much. I hated having bags and am so glad they're gone! My eyes look like they did when I was in my twenties! No more dark circles, either. Just seriously fabulous. I had a nurse friend tell me I was lucky that my surgeon was "talented" because she has seen more than her share of eye surgeries that were nightmares. So yes, I feel really lucky and blessed. You cannot tell I have had any work.

Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

Highly skilled with eye surgery and been in the business for decades. Also, he has a stellar team of trained professionals working for him. I especially like his anesthesiologist. I have had surgery with Dr. W before and have never woken up sick from anesthesia. Also, I saw someone famous in his office but can't say who :)

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