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Dr. Morad Tavallali performed trimming labiaplasty...

Dr. Morad Tavallali performed trimming labiaplasty procedure over 3 months ago. He completely amputated middle portion of one side and upper portion of the other side of my labia resulting in severe asymmetry and horrible overall results. There are irregular edges, bumps and scars from stiches that were too tight. Some stiches broke and labia reopened just few days after the procedure and never healed properly resulting in separation of the tissue and gapping. I was told to give it more time to heal but what was amputated will never grow back. I am very unhappy with the results. Dr. Tavallali has no idea how to do labiaplasty.
I am so sorry that you are unhappy with your result. You should have told me about your concerns! Labiaplasty is an operation where the result is often more determined by the tissue healing than in other area since the labia are spongy tissues that often heal slowly and with variability along the incision.Opening of the wound is common and as you have seen yourself heals up without need for intervention. Touch ups are often necessary as explained in the surgical which you read and signed . Please contact me so we can perform the touch up and have you happy!
Touch ups are not often needed. You make me wonder and I had this operation.
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