Mommy Makeover Nervously Excited - Victoria, TX

Im very athletic. I compete in Triathlons and have...

Im very athletic. I compete in Triathlons and have completed several 1/2 and full marathons. I have completed 3 half ironmans. I have two little girls ages 7 & 4. I have been exercising almost non-stop 6 days a week going on 4 straight years. I still have a saggy belly and saggy boobs. Im ready for my body to look the way I feel inside. I have decided to get a mommy make-over. Tummy tuck, breast lift, lipo, & fat injected into upper muscles in the breast area.

Tomorrow is post-op & I get all my lines drawn on. Yikes. It's getting closer! Lol

Your big day is coming right up! Thank you for starting your story here on RealSelf! Being so strong and fit should help you heal faster. I'm fascinated by your fat transfer because not many ladies do that (though I think it's really interesting and I wish we had more reviews on it). Please, please keep us posted!

Good Luck! I'm super excited but I know I'm going to be in pain! My kids will be gone for four days then they will come back home. Right now I'm trying to get everything super clean & all my other ducks in a row. How r u preparing yourself?
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