Tiny but could still go big within breast width measurements by using ULTRA HIGH PROFILES with REAL looking results!

Hello ladies :) I'm so glad to have found this...

Hello ladies :) I'm so glad to have found this site! I have wanted a boob job since I was 16 and stopped growing from a 34A cup! Now I am 37 and have had five babies including a set of twins and have nursed them all! Now I'm deflated and a 34AA (still wearing 34A's though :-/ Needless to say, I'm ready to do something for myself now ;) I am hoping to achieve a full D cup.

I have seen my surgeon and am definitely going with the silicone gummy bear mentors. Now for the cc's decision! I am thinking 450cc's. Doc will be inserting partial under muscles.

I am 5ft 7in and weigh 138lbs. Muscular and fit and active. Any thoughts or help with this would be awesome! It is so confusing. Oh and also doc says surgery will likely happen early Jan! Plus I'm on a cancellation list so anytime!

Going with 425cc's silicone gummy bear mentor mod...

Going with 425cc's silicone gummy bear mentor mod plus. I wanted 450cc but I understand the bigger you go, the higher the risk! So for the sake of lessening the rusk of complications....it's a no brainier for me!

*risk lol iPhone typing!

*risk lol iPhone typing!

Feeling nervous about size choice! Something keeps...

Feeling nervous about size choice! Something keeps telling me to go 450cc to get to a D cup. My PS says 425cc. Based on lowering the risks of skin getting less wear and tear over time. I just don't want to compromise fullness...hmmm

So I found out that I'm a 36 band boardering on 34...

So I found out that I'm a 36 band boardering on 34. Apparently I knew more about size when I was a teenager! Lol Somewhere along the line I discovered I could wear a B cup if I wore a 34 band :-/ I guess it made me feel better when bra shopping! Reality has it though, that I'm really still an A cup with a 36 band...Now I'm concerned about achieving my small D cup with 425cc mod plus silicones :( I wonder if it's at all possible? Any thoughts ladies? I would love to get 475cc but my ps thinks that would not be a good idea with my skin :-/ I know I could pull the size off though. My hips are 35 inches waist 26. I am athletic with a flat tummy. So pleased to say this after giving birth to five babies!!! Including my twins!!! I guess I have good genetics. Just not for boobs. I must say though....after nursing ALL of them and two of them at the same time, my chest does not look THAT bad. Just dealing with skin on boobs from stretching. I did get stretch marks in my boobs as a result but no where else! Go figure?! Wishing all you ladies speedy recoveries and I will be glad when I get to the other side of my journey...Jan 29th is my big day and my nerves tell me it should be sooner :-/

Lol this is so ridiculous! I saw my PS, for one...

Lol this is so ridiculous! I saw my PS, for one last visit before my surgery, and she said, " no, you are a 34 band!" Apparently there are several ways of figuring this out. Some band size calculators say I'm a 32...sigh. Anyhow, whether I'm 36, 34, or 32. One thing is for certain, I will no longer be an A cup soon!!! My PS is going to try with sizers the 475cc and 450cc before settling on 425cc's. I'm happy about this. Apparently though, my breast mounds sit "high" so she has to lower my creases :-/ Not thrilled about that. Has anyone else dealt with that?

Time is now whizzing by!!! I am starting to get...

Time is now whizzing by!!! I am starting to get really excited :) I just hope the size will be okay. I have to trust my communication with my PS and her interpretation I guess. That is somewhat nerve wreaking. I can't understand why 475cc might not work for me when I see other woman measuring smaller and getting that size? PS is going to try to do 475cc and work her way down to 450cc then 425cc. Whichever fits best. I want the 475cc!!!! I understand the general consensus from all of you is, "I wish I went bigger!!!" Anyhow, I did ask her NOT to interfere with my natural crease line. I just don't feel comfortable about changing that. Hence the "sizers" in the operating room. Does anyone have anything to say about that? Or any of this? Thanks ladies :) It's been great visiting this site! I have really appreciated the knowledge I've gained! With you all speedy recoveries and some good rest tonight!

Well ladies, the countdown is truly on for me now!...

Well ladies, the countdown is truly on for me now! I have been in a back spasm that radiates to my neck for this past week and it hasn't let up. My husband says it's the stress of thinking about the surgery. I don't know but it has been so painful. I thought I had pulled a muscle working out....who knows! But I have had a whole lot of inflammation in my upper back shoulder muscle and its made me concerned that I will come out of my BA lopsided....ahhhhh! Anyhow, I'm looking forward to being "put out" so I can escape this miserable pain. I don't think the BA pain could come close or certainly not top it. Crazy timing though...Aside from that...I am really really excited. I admit I will miss my own chest as it has nurtured and fed all five of my babies!!! However, it shows :-/ So I'm ready to have my perky self back with some added padding ;) without wearing pads!!!! Ha what a concept :) I love it!!!! Cheers ladies...thanks for following my reviews! I'm enjoying all of yours...

Just added more before photos!

Just added more before photos!

....with just hours to go!!!! I can't believe it's...

....with just hours to go!!!! I can't believe it's my turn. I never thought this dream would ever come true. I feel soooooo overwhelmingly happy right now. I love this support group too

Help ladies :) Alll has gone so smooth...I feel...

Help ladies :) Alll has gone so smooth...I feel ver doped writing this! Lol But it's done!!!! My PS placed 480cc Ulta High profile mentor gel (silicone gummy bears). I'm thrilled with what I see!!!!Just gotta drop, soften Nd fluff ;) I am posted a photo for you all. It's taken 7 hours past the surgery, just now :) Much love and happy healing friends

Ok ladies, I just need to hear how much you all...

Ok ladies, I just need to hear how much you all swelled up in your boobies? I am swollen so bad....uniboob!!!! I feel like they are gonna explode. When does this subside? :((( I feel like such a whiner but I have five children to take care of and I'm really hurting. Please tell me the swelling goes away soon. I just had my surgery yesterday morning. I got 480cc's Ultra High Profile silicone mentor gel (gummies). Is is reasonable to say you can swell a whole cup size up? Thanks ladies, for your response...love you all and wish you happy surgeries and happy healing and happy boobies ;)

Hello ladies! Checking in quickly as I'm trying to...

Hello ladies! Checking in quickly as I'm trying to rest more now...
I believe I have more swelling than normal because there was a mix up with my post surgical bra...PS said they measured me for one and they supply it but after my surgery the nurse asked me for it and....ya...anyhow I explained what I was told...somewhere along the line it got overlooked and I was wearing nothing!!!!!! Nothing while shopping on day ONE for a post surgical bra!!!! The nurse was so concerned she gave me one from another PS but it wasn't big enough :( That made me worse. Three stores later, at different ends if town, I found one. I'm still recovering. Every bump and step I took was excruciating and I have a HIGH pain tolerance!!!! My natural crease line was changed too so I believe the bra support was very important. I've posted two pics of day 2. I know I will love my boobies once they recover ;) Thanks for reading and sharing ladies! Oh and when did you all start to feel that your boobs were real to the touch. Right now they feel like rocks!!! I have Silicone gel (gummies) mentor 480cc's ultra high profiles.

P.S. I think my size after swelling and before...

P.S. I think my size after swelling and before dropping and fluffing will be a 34DD. Right now I'm wearing a 36DD because of swelling so I've subtracted a cup (1 cup worth of swelling) from that (36D) and converted it to a 34 band. 36D equals a 34DD. Hopefully this makes sense lol!

Well ladies, I'm concerned because I had sent...

Well ladies, I'm concerned because I had sent photos to my PS about my sternum swelling and a stretch mark appearing on it and she said I need to see you right away!!!
:( I'm scared and second guessing....what have I done! I have to drive 3 hours to get to her and get last min care for my FIVE kids... I hope my body is not rejecting these...just sharing. Here I go...

Sorry I've taken so long to get back and thank you...

Sorry I've taken so long to get back and thank you ALL for your heart felt concern and well wishes/prayers <3 I'm ok!!! My PS said I was ok and she just confirmed this in person for my nerves!!! Here I thought she saw something concerning!!! Wheww what an emotional roller coaster...She actually told me she was very pleased with the way my skin handled the volume and that she was surprised! Yayyyy! Honestly, I was imagining the worst. I wish I didn't scare myself and everyone else. Anyhow....I am softening a little today :) I actually feel my own breast tissue! I have also had a sensation in my nipples that feels like a "milk letdown" ...I know all you mothers that have nursed would know that feeling. It's a strong inner tingle. They still feel numb on the outside but they harden when I stimulate them! Strange and wonderful because I know that means they are coming back :)) Admittedly, that was a fear I grappled with before signing off on the surgery risks. I am also feeling inner rumbling...implants settling in I guess. The tightness feels like a being engorged with milk. The tightness in my sternum feels like a burning tearing sensation. I feel it has let up this morning!!! Yayyy!!!! Anyhow all you lovely ladies. I hope you feel just as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside ;) Much love and well wishes for speedy recoveries and upcoming surgeries!!! I will be posting more pics soon and can't wait to find a minute to check all your reviews and new pics ;) My kids are all keeping me very engaged....but I am resting. Somewhat ;)

By the way ladies....I forgot to mention I had my...

By the way ladies....I forgot to mention I had my first BM yesterday!!! Was so nice not to be constipated anymore. Seeing as we're all sharing...lol It is part if the journey...
Do any of you know when cleavage starts to form? Also after you dropped and softened, did you go up or down a size?i had my first shower and I feel human again ;)

The shae butter really helps with the tightness!...

The shae butter really helps with the tightness! My PS wants me to wait a week before doing any massage. I still have to wear my sports bra 24/7...it's post op day 5 today...getting there!!!!

I'm liking the size better in the look of the...

I'm liking the size better in the look of the first photo standing straight on but I'm afraid they are a whole lot bigger! You can see in the last two picks. Ladies...don't do what I did and full your salt craving post op! Oh boy I'm paying for yesterday!!! Not good for recovery.

Well, now I just need to do a spray tan and summer...

Well, now I just need to do a spray tan and summer can come!!! Also my boobies need to "fluff" (shrink a tad). I'd do this again in a heartbeat so if you're on the fence....

So my PS informed me my progress was huge!!! I am...

So my PS informed me my progress was huge!!! I am dropped and fluffed! Still get morning boob and feel tight where my creases were adjusted and stitched. All is good! I am proud to say I can wear a CK bra without underwire or padding!!!! :))) Yayyyy!!!!! Happy boobie heaven and healing all :) Oh ya and PS says I will stay this size because if that! 34DD...

Ok ladies...just need to report that over the past...

Ok ladies...just need to report that over the past couple days I have felt an extreme heaviness and as of today they got softer. I do believe the changes are almost complete for the next little while...time will tell but I'm def a 34DD in most brands. Scary size for me anyway but I remember it is the look/shape and not the size that matters. When I look at someone, I personally notice the overall...not a cup size. I think we are all rocking it!!! For all of you who are pre surgery...it really has had an amazingly powerful impact on me, for the positive :))) I will post more pics of my latest progression later today..

Just wanted to share a link on size with you...

Just wanted to share a link on size with you all!!!


I found it soooooo helpful!!!!


Hello ladies....Ifor all you post op ladies, I was...

Hello ladies....Ifor all you post op ladies, I was just wondering when your discomfort let up. Aches, pains, tightness and nipple sensitivities. I just want to feel literally COMPLETELY normal again!!!! I had my surgery Jan 29th....I'm probably getting impatient.

Well sweet ladies...I have taken a few steps...

Well sweet ladies...I have taken a few steps backwards with my recovery :( Incisions are totally healed...thank gawd. But my pain is not in a good place. According to my PS, this is a direct result of using pec muscles! Who knew? I honestly thought I've been taking it easy :( It's hard to know where to draw the line!!! Any of you post op ladies relate to this?? It's very discouraging. This too shall pass....More pics to follow and I will include incision pics. I have used NOTHING on them and they have healed beautifully. They are fading more and more everyday!!! Yayyyy for good news :)) this is where I wanna focus. I'm not gonna lie thoug....the pain has come back ten fold. My advice to all you pre op ladies.....take it easy for S long while and don't be fooled when you feel better. I was pain free and slid backwards fast and this is where it has brought me now at three weeks post op....

Well ALL but one of my pics got erased while I was...

Well ALL but one of my pics got erased while I was trying to post incision pics :((( I messaged the co-ordinator. Sorry for the confusion with my update of new pics.....crazy!

Phewwww.....I'm still dealing with pain!!!! I was...

Phewwww.....I'm still dealing with pain!!!! I was four weeks post op today. Sternum/inside boob pain interferes with my energy levels. In my opinion this procedure is not for the woman who can't handle discomfort. Expect it. I'm greatful that I at least have a high pain tolerance!!! If you have a low pain tolerance and are an impatient person....I highly suggest you think long and hard about going ahead with a BA. It is a huge commitment. Huge.

Phewwww.....I'm still dealing with pain!!!! I was...

Phewwww.....I'm still dealing with pain!!!! I was four weeks post op today. Sternum/inside boob pain interferes with my energy levels. In my opinion this procedure is not for the woman who can't handle discomfort. Expect it. I'm greatful that I at least have a high pain tolerance!!! If you have a low pain tolerance and are an impatient person....I highly suggest you think long and hard about going ahead with a BA. It is a huge commitment. Huge.

Ok ladies....I'm feeling better. Pain is under...

Ok ladies....I'm feeling better. Pain is under control with Tramadol once again. Here's hoping I won't feel that again. Please....if you have children and you are getting this procedure.....GET HELP!!!! I posted a 4.5 week picture. Right now my nipples are pretty much at attention because they are sensitive. You can literally see the milk ducks even though its not from milk...lol. They are "acting" engorged. No swelling left though. Also it look (in the picture) like one is higher...it must be the way I had my arms or the angle I was standing because they are even! AND...I do love them!!!

FYI for all of you ladies ;) Mentors ***Ultra...

FYI for all of you ladies ;)

Mentors ***Ultra High Profile*** round smooth gel (silicone gummies) dimensions:

***Implants with the Highest Projection and a narrower base width.***

Catalog # Volume Diameter Proj Gel Sizer
350-5135BC 135 7.8 4.1 RSZ-5135
350-5160BC 160 8.2 4.3 RSZ-5160
350-5180BC 185 8.4 4.4 RSZ-5185
350-5215BC 215 8.7 4.5 RSZ-5215
350-5240BC 240 9 4.7 RSZ-5240
350-5270BC 270 9.3 4.8 RSZ-5270
350-5295BC 295 9.7 5 RSZ-5295
350-5320BC 320 9.8 5.1 RSZ-5320
350-5350BC 350 10.1 5.2 RSZ-5350
350-5375BC 375 10.4 5.3 RSZ-5375
350-5400BC 400 10.6 5.4 RSZ-5400
350-5430BC 430 10.9 5.6 RSZ-5430
350-5455BC 455 11.2 5.7 RSZ-5455
350-5480BC 480 11.4 5.8 RSZ-5480
350-5535BC 535 12 6.1 RSZ-5535
350-5590BC 590 12.5 6.3 RSZ-5590

Happy recovery to all the recent post op ladies!!!...

Happy recovery to all the recent post op ladies!!! Keep resting even when you feel ok!!!!!

I have a question for all you post op ladies....my...

I have a question for all you post op ladies....my hubby was never a boob man so I knew this was never thrilling for him (as it is for me) but have any of you experienced your partner acting like they don't like the "new girls"?? I'm getting some vibes that are negative from my husband!!! He has not said anything but when I ask him he just laughs and says, "no!" But he really doesn't seem to notice them!!! I know he was never a boob man but.....? Any thoughts on this? Anyone?

Pre-op phase I wondered how real they could...

Pre-op phase I wondered how real they could actually look. Especially while in positions other than standing. Well, here I am post op week five and I've taken some pics to answer this question for YOU!!! Xoxo

Hello lovely ladies :) I have not been on here...

Hello lovely ladies :) I have not been on here much as my email does not notify me of any comments anymore :( The co-ordinator, Angie, has not got it figured out as of yet. Every time I change my email notifications to send, it goes back to "none"!!! Anyhow, I will be posting a ten week post op tomorrow but I believe they still look the same ;) 34DD...go figure?!! Lol I love them though!!! Happy healing/surgeries all :)

P.S. I should have mentioned that at week 8 post...

P.S. I should have mentioned that at week 8 post op, I returned to bootcamp which is a high impact exercise! Prior to my surgery, I was doing 50 real push ups. Now I am doing 50 push ups and half of them are real, the other half are off the knee. I suspect this will be a gradual progression and in no time I will be back to where I left off! I did go under the muscle, so I am very pleased to be able to say this!!! It does feel funny while doing them though. It doesn't hurt. It just feels weird. I'm sure this feeling will let up in time...eventually I probably won't notice. Oh and as far as running goes...get a very high impact support bra. No issues ;) !!!! Yayyyyy!

Hello ladies :) I just came from LaSenza and had...

Hello ladies :) I just came from LaSenza and had some bra luck! They had 34DD's and I didn't know it. I suppose that is because I wasn't given the go ahead for a proper underwire bra until now! I am very pleased :))) Still no regrets. Happy boobie land to you all!!! Xx P.S. I've posted new pics.

Wardrobe Malfunction :-/

Interesting how a bra seems like it fits in a change room but after getting it home and wearing for half a day (as boobies get warm in the cups), they start spilling out. Seriously, these 34DD's from LaSenza are barely covering my nipples now. Yikes!!! Trial and error. So if something fits in a change room, it doesn't mean it will work for a whole day!!! THAT is confusing. Anyone else experience this?? Now I don't know what size I am!

Very Happy With My Results :))

Well ladies, I thought I'd check back in here and update. I had my BA Jan 29th and I couldn't be happier!! I am not one of those ladies who wishes she went bigger...in fact, mine look bigger now than they did from the beginning and I had to get used to these girls!!! The good news is, if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing ;) I went into my procedure completely informed and I probably provided 10 love result photos and 10 hate result photos (and why) for my PS PRIOR to getting augmented. It paid off!!! She matched my ideal result photo to a T. I think she was able to do this because I provided a realistic expectation. The photo was of a woman that had the same stats as me....height, weight, native (before) presentation. I ended with 480cc Ultra High Profiles Mentor (gummy bears). It's really hard to predict exactly where you'll end up. I actually ended slightly bigger than that ideal photo but the shape was the same. Can more than live with it :) If you are on the fence....it's a major surgery...be brave, communicate well with your PS and JUST DO IT!!!! No regrets! Happy healing to all of you ladies who have just reached the other side. Also, if you are close to Victiria, BC and considering this procedure...I would be happy to provide you with my PS info. She is an artist through and through!

Five months post op 480ccUHP Silicone can still look athletic!!!

Hello beautiful people! Just thought I'd put some updated photos showing the proportions I've ended with. They are full body ...so don't look if you would feel offended! Lol I just wanted to show anyone who was concerned with being athletic, that the look still holds ;) I have one spot where you can see that I have implants. Lets see if you can find the photo and say where it is?! I notice but I'm okay with it.

Almost 6months Post...So beautiful, soft and natural and BIG

Hi ladies, just a quick update to say I still have no regrets. Wish I could have done this sooner. I'm not on here very often anymore but I would be happy to answer any questions you might have :) I wish you all well....hugs! P.S. Don't get too caught up on the size. It's NOT the size! It's the overall look ;) Xx


P.S. I could have gone smaller and been thrilled too!!! I cannot emphasize this enough. There is too much focus in here on HUGE knockers! Lol. Doesn't matter the size. It's how they LOOK!!! Some big are not beautiful if you hear me. Some small are beautiful ;)

New pic 6 months post op :))

Really happy!!!

If you are confused on profile choice....

Keep this in mind: Don't be too concerned about the profile as this is just a measurement suited to your chest size. For instance, if someone wants a C cup and their breast width is small...it may require HP or UHP to get a small enough diameter (implant diameter) for your chest wall. But big enough cc's to achieve a C cup goal. Make sense? I wanted mod plus and that profile would have been way too big in diameter to achieve my desired cup size. I would have needed to go to a lot less cc's to make a mod diameter work for me but then I would not have achieved my desired cup size. When my PS placed Ultra High Profiles on me, I actually did not know it until after the surgery!!! Lol good thing because I would have been so nervous about whether they could look natural. She did 480cc silicone (gummy bears) mentor UHP "dual plane" placement (partial under muscle). She said for thin woman, this allows for the most natural result. This placement and silicone. Also I had to have my crease lines lowered but this was an exception because apparently I had high breast mounds. Good luck ladies! I'm gonna post a dark pic so you can see how sexy they can look in the bedroom ;)

A couple more pics :)

Wearing same sized clothing in everything....just different in bras/bathing suit tops :)) Amazing...just didn't fill it in before!

9 months Post Op scar pics and more :)

I'm still in love with these, ladies. I feel as though they were always there. I'm doing 100push-ups a day, no problem! Jogging and leading my active lifestyle without any interference ;) If you're on the fence.....As Nike would say, Just do it! Xx


Oops 8 months post! Lol

...see I've felt like they were always there! Ha ha My clothing size hasn't even changed. With the exception of my bras ;) 34DD from deflated A's.

9 months post op 34DD

Happier than ever...as I feel like I've always had them...they are truly mine!

Beautiful versatile Bikini Top

Hi ladies :) Just wanted to debut my new bikini top! Five different ways to wear it!!! Which is the best? What do you all think of this one? Also a cool new bra :)

Almost Invisible!!! Scars 9 months post op :))

Amazing scar results. Used nothing. Natural healing. I believe they will be invisible within the next couple months!!! Crease line incisions (I'm laying down).


Doing a poll here.....
Just wondering, for all the post op silicone BA's out there (ones that started out as A cups)....What has the men said about how real they FEEL??

So Happy!

So happy. This small "big" detail has changed my life. Just smirking at these hiding under my free flowing shirt. I'm not a big person and I can hide these! They are not little...lol Wishing all you ladies a great journey. Wherever you are at....ultimate goal is to be confident and love yourself. Fortunately I did before my BA. I never knew I could be more confident and still be humble. That is me though. I have chosen to mostly be conservative with my new extra assets ;) ....that is...outside the bedroom. Lol ha ha love and giggles

One year post op BA today!!!!

One year ago, today, at 7AM....I got my boobies!!! I feel like they've always been there. So very happy. They've enhanced my quality of life. Sounds strange...possibly?! I'm defined by who I am but "who I am" when I'm 100% confident, is amazing! Ladies, feel good no matter what you choose to do. You owe it to yourself. Much love.

Nude Calvin Bra (no padding!!!)

I'm in love!

Been busy

Sorry I haven't been in here for a couple weeks. I've been extremely busy. I will post more pictures this week. Promise. I also want to catch up with people and their reviews. It's a great support network and I know I appreciated it early on and still do so I like to be if help to all you wonderful ladies. Beautiful inside and out! Xo

Some pictures! 14 months post


...pretty much gone. Lighting off in all of my pics

In professional Bra sizing I'm a 30H.

Just thought I'd put some black and whites in here. Also according to the sophisticated bra calculator, I'm a 30H. This would explain why I spill out if the 34DD. They just don't make bras proper. Oh well, I'm braless in these photos! Lol Just Kidding...obviously, they are nudes ;)

Forgot the "front on" pic

I'm happy :)

Couldn't be happier with these

16 months post op and wow, they are just awesome. Never thought I'd say that again about MY breasts :) Makes me so happy.

Such Beautiful Boobies

Just another shoot!

One more pic showing no scars!!!

No scars!!! Only my sports bra mark ;)

21 months post op

It's almost been two years since my BA!!! I love my boobies. Yes, I do! :) I love filling my shirts! Lol Simple pleasures.

Boobies dressed for fitness

Hi ladies :) I just wanted to post a fitness picture for you all! These boobies do not interfere with my very active lifestyle. Such a relief!

REAL results!!!

Hi Ladies :) I just wanted to share my most natural looking breasts with you all today. I was tiny with not much room for implants but I still achieved at 34DD within my breast width measurements by going with Ultra High Profiles. They can still look BIG and NATURAL, even if you are tiny. I'm happy to say my boobies project way past my rib projection now! Lol These are 480cc UHP and silicone mentor. They feel just like my natural boobs....just wayyyy bigger!!! :) Still so happy. Hubby loves them now too.

Profile update :)

Fresh look. 22 months post op!

Two year coming!

Hi ladies. I hope everyone is enjoying their journey so far. There are many ups and some downs but all in all, it's worth it!!! I will be posting my two year post-op update on Jan. 29th I seriously cannot believe that I haven't always had these beauties! Possibly the only time I will believe this is when the time comes to revise. Hopefully that is a long ways off!!! My PS seemed to think because I was choosing 480CC's, it would be in 8(6 now) years time. I refuse to believe it could be that soon. They just keep getting better!!!


One more pic for now...

Two Years Post-Op Today!!!!

Just a word of encouragement ladies. I'm a mother of five that finally found time for myself. I realized I didn't need to find it, I needed to take it! Boobs are boobs but just remember to take care of yourself! Your "RealSelf" Your inner beauty. It's been a journey. Love and life to all! Xx I am greatful for this website and everyone in it :) Oh and I do love my boobies more than I ever have! They just keep getting better.....34DD's and compact! Haha They are a work of art. My PS was amazingly talented and I had a good canvas ; )

Post 2 years and 10 months

They still get only better!

Uniquely YOU!

Something for all you lovely ladies to remember!!! Our Augmented breasts are simply a larger form of our natural and unique breasts. This is what keeps it all so interesting. We cannot be mannequins alike! We are our own worst critics but all I see is pretty in here. Truth is, our breasts are fraternal twins not identical! Makes it more interesting for sure! More variety and a canvas that keeps it this way. Be proud when you wear your girls. More importantly....be proud of your inner beauty. Be proud of yourself. There is only one you! Happy journies everyone!!! Xx
P.S. Mine have settled some when lying down and they look even more natural now so I'm happy. It's normal for this to happen unless you get inner sutures I believe. I'll post a picture of this progression in my next review. At my three year mark, possibly.

was already great....even better with time!

I just want to say how happy I am with my assets back and even improved. If you are a mother that's nursed many babies (five including twins to be exact for myself), don't think twice about getting your girls back. You deserve it. It's not like us moms do much for ourselves! The only thing I regret is not having pictures of my beautiful perky (before nursing) natural boobies : ) But hey, I got more now! Lol I love sporting clothing in these. I also love no clothing with them ;) I'll be posting three year post-op pics Jan 29th!
Dr. Jennifer Robinson

$7650.00 for a work of art!!! Recommended to anyone who desires a beautiful natural breast augmentation. She is premium.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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