Hello , my name is Melinda . I wanted to share...

Hello , my name is Melinda .
I wanted to share with you my jeorney ,
For 10 years I battled with weight and after having 3 beautiful children my body became hideous in my eyes.
I researched and found a well known , kind surgeon. I worked hard to save and worked hard on my body to achieve a good result.
After my surgery my tummy looked awesome. Untill 3 days later , I began to get sick and with in three weeks my wound opened and my stitches were coming out of me. I literally pulled them out.
I was infected with 3 forms of staph .
After seven months my wound was slowly closing but would have a 'blow out' green puss was exiting the wound.
My limphnodes have scar tissue and as a result I have 10 mg of fluid tablets each day. As my body does not do it by itself now.
2&1/2 yrs post opp defeating depression, illness and fitness I am ready for my tummy to be fixed again.
Totally scared on the whole thing again.
Sorry to hear that, stay on here i am learning a lot and seeing results i had a tummy tuck 5 months ago and still need lipo on my belly still have a lil bulge on my belly i am getting a BBL so that will work out perfect.

Welcome to RealSelf.  I am happy to see that you joined the community for support.  You have been through a very stressful time, but made it through!   Not easy by any means but you did it.   Stay strong and I know the community will provide you with support.  

Keep having positive thoughts and keep your chin up.

Welcome to R.S Sorry to here what you gone through. I can relate to what you have been through with you ps. I had TT/arms lift 6 month ago and I have been post op depression, my stomach was flat for about 3 day after surgery. I started Notice my belly getting back fuller every day. Up to this day this ps don't want to Admit he Screwed up TT/Arms. Good luck!! I will be Following your Journey. God Bless you

Lovely person , I have seen other work he has done and this is why I chose him.

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