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I dont recommend it. iam going through alot of...

i dont recommend it. iam going through alot of pain and suffering.

i had it on april 2 second and it made my face a shade darker is this perminant idont know can any body help me please!!!


I have dark skin and got this peel done without any adverse reactions! Maybe your doctor didn't use a VI Peel? You definitely need to use a bleaching cream!
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ive just used retin a. i hope mine does not turn out to be a disaster
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When I used the peel. My face was only dark during the week of healing. Once the dark skin peeled my natural color returned. You should return to the doc. I personally would not return to the doctor/nurse who originally applied the peel. Try to find a doc who specializes in post peel disasters. They will probably give you bleaching cream and a face wash that contains some kind of fruit acid. Best of luck to you!
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not professinal they lie to me

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