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Can't Wait for Results - Vestavia, AL

I started using it last Monday. I got a 5 months...

I started using it last Monday. I got a 5 months supply. I think you are supposed to start seeing results in as little as 3 Weeks. It comes with a butt load of applicators. you just put one drop in the cap and use an applicator to brush the liquid across your lash line then add another drop and do your other eye with another applicator. They say there is no need to apply any to the lower lids. there has been no color changes in my eye or lids. also there has been no burning or itching. fyi: I dont wear contacts or glasses. some people do their eyebrows too. I will post my before picture and I will post every three weeks.

I'm really interested in this product but i was told that it has the potential to make your vision a bit blurry is that true, and i have also bought other products the clame to do the same and that was very expensive, how do i know this is different and will really work


Here is a Q&A that another community member posted about concerns with how Latisse could affect vision. I think you might find the information shared interesting:

Latisse and Vision

Sorry to hear you bought some products that didn't work. That is always such a bummer when you feel like you have wasted time and money! As for how to know if Latisse will be different. I would just encourage you to keep reading through the reviews on here. Latisse currently has an 85% Worth It Rating, so 85% of the community members who voted on it said it was worth it. That is pretty high. In the end, you have to decide if it is worth trying or not. If you do decide to try it, please share your experience with us so we can hear about your experience as well. :)

so far i haven't had blurry vision. I decided to get it because I saw the results for myself at my surgeon's office. I couldn't stop staring at the nurses and the girls at the front desk. Their eyelashes were gorgeous. They said they had been using Latisse! I was sold by their long eyelashes. It's been 11 days and I havent noticed any results yet. Hopefully, I will soon.

Still haven't seen any results...patiently waiting...

still haven't seen any results...patiently waiting. I have noticed some darkening around the eyelids. nothing major
It took a good month and a half for my results to show up. Where did you buy the Latisse? Are you using it every night? I don't even use two applicators which they say is bad but whatevs to that. :) Each night, I use eye makeup remover, then wash my face and then dry it. I then add a drop or two onto one brush and then sweep across each lid. I am careful not to let it get anywhere else. I then follow with a little night eye cream but only below my eyes. I've been using it for 9 months and love the results. Hope you start seeing results soon!

It must be tough to keep patiently waiting! I bet you are ready so see some serious growth!

Here is a Q&A that talks about how long it usually takes to see results - sounds like it should be soon for you!

How Long Does It Take to See Latisse Results?

I am a 50yr old polish blonde. We don't have much hair to begin with. With massive amounts of mascara you still couldnt see my lashes. After using Latisse, I now feel pretty again. My lashes have grown darker, and longer which changes my whole appearance. The first week I have to say it made my eyes bloodshot and my lids purpley. It did burn if some got in my eyes. But my mother used to say..... Sometimes it's gotta hurt to be beautiful.
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