Very Pleased - Nasal Labial Folds/marionette Lines

It's been a little less than a month but I am...

It's been a little less than a month but I am quite pleased with the results. My doctor saved 1/2 of the second vial for me to come back two weeks later to tweak the procedure.

I did the nasal labial folds/marionette lines. Used two vials. Doctor mixed lidocaine into the radiesse and injected it together. Very little pain. Minimal bruising and swelling for 4-5 days. Make sure you go to a doctor who uses this product often.

I wanted to look 10 years younger and I am told I do. I am 56 and people take me for 45. Radiesse is thick so can only be used for deep thick creases. I am happy so far.
I used a cosmetic dermatologist.

I went for the touch up three weeks ago....I added...

I went for the touch up three weeks ago....I added some photos.  I am thrilled with the final outcome.  If it stays like this for a year or close to it I will be thrilled.  I repeat make sure your doctor (and only doctor) has lots of experience in this product, since it is a difficult one to manipulate.  If you would like the name of my doctor email me privately.

Your doc did a great job and you look fab.
How long did it last? Was it worth it?
In retrospect, it lasted for around 6 months. I really had expectations of it lasting over a year. Was it worth it, I haven't done it again and no one has said I look better or worse. It was worth it for the moment but not for the long run. My doctor tells me there is a PERMANENT filler out there. This is what I am waiting for.......lasts forever!
Boca Raton Dermatologic Surgeon

She was very knowledge and thorough. She had me come back for a follow up.

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