Very Painful Surgery

I am 5 days out from having a full tt. have to say...

i am 5 days out from having a full tt. have to say it was the most painful thing i can ever remember. i would say you need to try everything you can before deciding on this surgery. you will need to have someone with you 24 hours a day for at least the first 4 or 5 days.

i also got bronchitis from the surgery. the doctor said it was very common to get upper restpitory infections after surgery. that just added to the feeling worse. i still dont have a lot of energy and feel sick most of the time. i would like to know from others how long it took to get back to feeling normal.

i have before pics but see the doctor today to hopefully take out the drains and will have after pics up shortly.


Hey I had my surgery on april 1st. I felt like the end of the world. but doing lots better the drains when they came out one side hurt real bad. But I got through it. I'm back at work full time. still not lifting anything heavy. and lovin the way I look and feel more everyday. I do have a before pic on my thingy. I will be posting update one this weekend when my daughter comes over to take my pic. Take ONE DAY at A TIME!
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I'm 7 days out today and have been feeling good from the beginning. I stopped the pain meds after day 2 because they weren't upsetting my stomach and I wasn't in pain. I just take one before bed. I had my drain removed yesterday and have been able to shower since the day after surgery. I've been driving myself for the last 3 days. My energy level is still low in the evening but overall feel really good. I was getting over a cold when I had surgery so had a cough that was KILLER the first couple days. I still have it, but it's bearable now. Sorry your recovery is off to a bad start. Look in the mirror at your new body and you'll remember it's all worth it.
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So, you never felt sick to your stomach? I just feel like i have the flu or something still every day. I do think i am getting stonger day by day but really still dont feel good.

Photo Update


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