Very Happy with Radiesse

I had Radiesse done last week. I took Arnica for...

I had Radiesse done last week. I took Arnica for two days before the procedure and two days after. My bruising was minimal and the swelling was gone in less than 24 hours. My PS also told me to ice the area for a couple of hours after he was done. I got a dental block which was painless and I didn't feel a thing. The whole procedure was painless with the exception of some slight soreness after the numbness wore off. Even that only lasted a few hours.

My PS has lots of experience and was very clear with me about exactly what he would be doing and what to expect. Experience is the key with Radiesse. I think the fact that he is a surgeon with a very steady hand gave me confidence. This is the first-time I have had anything done to my face and now I'm afraid I will get addicted. I'm very happy with the results!

I agree, had Radiesse a week ago took Arnica before and after and no bruising at all. Radiesse, Botox and some Restylane all with out any pain numbing stuff. It wasn't that bad. I'm very happy with all that was done, I am a newbie with fillers, etc. but am lovin' it. My PS was fantastic and the nurse and everyone in the office was great. I'm already thinking my cheeks could use some lifting.
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