Very Good Results with 2 Fraxel Treatments

I had my second Fraxel treatment 6 weeks ago. So...

I had my second Fraxel treatment 6 weeks ago. So far i am very happy with the results. I had some mild acne scars and fine lines around my eyes and mouth. After the first treatment i saw a dramatic difference in the appearance of my skin. Scars faded 80% and are barely visible now.

The skin is smooth and looks healthy. All i am wearning during the day is sunscreen and some mineral powder. No foundation! The area around my eyes looks so much better now.

This was definitely worth every penny. I think i will stop for now and may be do 2 more treatments a year or so from now.

The procedure itself was very painful and the recovery took at least 3 full days. When i read some of the other reviews here i suspect they had Fraxel done at a much lower setting. The second day after the procedure my eyes were so swollen i could barely see and my whole face looked like a pumpkin. There was no way i could apply some make up on and go to work until day four. The procedure itself was also very painful. But that's 15-20 minutes. So worth it.

Another thing to mention is that i am prone to break-outs and my derm gave me a 5-day course of antibiotics after each treatment; and that made a huge difference. I still got some minor white-heads around my mouht but they were gone in 2 days and after that my face was totally clear. I would definitely recommend asking your doc for a prescription if you have any history of acne.

the highest setting is 70 can you find out if you have had this setting or not. thanks
Niy, I am getting ready for my third treatment next month. I will ask my dermatologist about the settings when i see her. i am still so very happy with the results.
I didn't ask what setting she used but they said it was pretty high b.c. they want to achieve max results. I was definitely peeling starting on day 4 but that was the exciting part i could see the beautiful skin under and the swelling was pretty much all gone by then. For me swelling was the worse part.
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