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Very Disappointed - no improvement - Ottawa, ON, Canada

I recently had five treatments over a five month...

I recently had five treatments over a five month period. I have seen no improvement in the condition of my skin at all. In fact there appears to have been considerable damage to the surface my skin, including rough, dry, pitted areas on my cheeks, forehead and chin and a scattering of blemishes and purple marks I never had before.

I feel a burning sensation all the time as if I had a sunburn. My friends have also noticed that there has been a deterioration in the appearanace of my skin, rather than an improvement. I'm embarrassed to admit I spent so much money to worsen my appearance.

I wonder if these people who found the Titan laser not worth the money had skin that was too far gone and would have been better off with surgery.
Hi susan please send me the website of the doctor or the place that you go to for Titan Laser. Thank you in advance, Sylvia
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