I had restylane injections on my upper and lower...

I had restylane injections on my upper and lower lips almost one week ago. The doctor was not a plastic surgeon (rather, a family doctor, who was supposedly trained in cosmetic procedures). The cost was $564 ($64 for taxes), and it was money thrown out.

The doctor did tell me from the start that since the lines on my lower lip were deep, they would not disappear, but would look better - definately not the case.

I'm always on the internet researching many topics, but I didn't do my job properly this time. Not one site mentioned the possiblity of lumps appearing afterward. The doctor never told me this either. Obviously, she didn't inject properly (not deep enough). I know I can get hydase injections for these lumps, but I would never, ever go back to this doctor. My husband claims he can't see them, but I know they're there - I can see them and feel them.

So now, I think I just grow "old" gracefully and forget about fillers of any kind.

I think you should try going to a dermatologist or plastics M.D. to try this again.
Sorry to hear about your experience. It really is all in who does the injections, research is the key. I had Restylane injected by my mouth last evening by a Plastic Surgeon and have beautiful results. I had a combo of Botox for forehead and eyebrow lifting, Radiesse lines by nose and Restylane by my mouth. Don't throw in the towel, find a reputable plastic surgeon to do the job.
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